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My memories of best birthdays was way back when I was still a little girl. I would always wake up the next day feeling very excited to tell my parents what gift I would like to have. The best gift I got was a pencil case (The best one for a little girl) which I got from my dad and used it  to stack a lot of fully sharpened Mongol pencils and a new eraser and a book (I love books). As I grow up, my birthday celebrations became more dull and ordinary compared in the past. Nothing special. No gifts or whatsoever. Just a meal of traditional spaghetti (for long life) and a sandwich will do. I wasn’t even planning to do anything on my birthday to tell you the truth. Due to outrageous numbers of school works being announced by professors everyday, quizzes and deadlines made it much worse. To come and think of it that I got to the point wherein I just wanted to forget my birth date because there’s no room for special day for this kind of everyday-is-a-hell-day school scenario. I just came up with a plan the day before my birthday wherein I wanted to spend it with my dear friends. I’ve been stucked celebrating my birthdays the entire 20 yrs. with my family, so this is a great opportunity to break free. Lucky enough my birthday was celebrated during exam week and we had a great chance to go home early.

DATE #1 Breakfast with my dear and true college friends.
I was actually planning to take them on a food bazaar/market that we got around our vicinity on 5pm. But they insisted because they minded the traffic and the possibility of not being able to go home safely and early after celebrating with me. So, change of plans. I decided to treat them some breakfast. Our exam ended just before all malls in Makati finally opened. We barely got time to decide which restaurant we’ll have breakfast because there are only a few stores open at 9am. And luckily ended up eating at Wendy’s. Believe it or not, It was my first time to eat at Wendy’s! hahaha first time experiences are sometimes the best. The baconator was deadly!

After our breakfast, I only had a few hours to prepare for my 2nd date. Yes! I got 3 planned dates for this day and I’m very excited for the 2nd one! So with my outfit yesterday, I wanted to be casually laid back and relaxed at the same time. Everything is exerted with the word COMFORT. Even though I’m the birthday girl, I still wanted to dress appropriately and matching with everyone I’m with. I don’t wanna dress to stand out just to tell everyone that it’s my birthday. haha

WARNING: The next series of photos are quite blurry. Bear with me that I am only using a 4th generation Ipod touch to take these photos.

Date #2: Late Lunch with my Practicum Friends.
I have been feeling very excited to eat with these people that I have been with for a very short time during my practicum hell days. We’ve got a lot of things to catch up and laugh about. I treated them some late lunch, my 3 guy friends treated us girls some pizzas which left us feeling very bloated afterwards! hahaha We spent the rest of the afternoon laughing along with the regular employees on our mother restaurant. (Gumbo Restaurant in Megamall), taking photos and eating pizza! It was one heck of a great day. They truly made my day extra special. It was a meeting well spent with each other’s company. It just saddens me a lot to realize that we’re going on our separate ways, but we still communicate with each other. Hoping for a part 2 one of these days! 

Date # 3: Movie date with my boyfriend.
So last but not the least, I had my last date of the day with my special someone. We watched pacific rim and it’s my 2nd time to watch it, I’m still amazed with Guillermo Del Toro’s Craft. He’s one amazing director. Even though I’m still feeling bloated with all the food I’ve eaten on my 2nd date, I tried and managed to eat a jumbo nacho chips with him. Talk about being too gluttonous right? Anyway, I promised myself that when I turned 21. I’ll be health conscious. I’ll eat clean and exercise. So I guess my birthday served as my last day of pigging out and living an unhealthy lifestyle.
To all these  amazing people who celebrated with me:
I would like to thank each and everyone of you. You guys are surprisingly making me realize that I am indeed surrounded by great, amazing and kind-hearted people which I truly value a lot. Believe me, I never expected my birthday to be as fun, crazy and truly beyond amazing as it was. It was beyond my imagination. I even went to sleep smiling and I still got the hangover of my birthday. Thank you everyone! Till my next birthday, I’m beginning to feel that this is a start of an amazing series of birthday celebrations for me. Thank you and I love each and everyone of you! You are a true blessing to me! *Hugs & kisses!* ♥

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