10:36 PM

 Halloween is just around the corner. I'm seeing a lot of people on Instagram planning what their Halloween  costume might be, what goodies they'll be giving out for Trick or Treat and a few Halloween Party preparations. To tell you guys the truth, I've never been to a Halloween party ever. 

Top: Makemefab, Flannel: SM Department Store, Shorts: LandMark, Hat, Socks, Shoes: Forever21

You might be thinking that my childhood or my life is boring without attending any party of this annual celebration. I just grew up with people who do not hold such a festivity and I was never invited to any Halloween party maybe that's why I never attended one. Halloween is always associated with the color of Darkness: the bold Black. And my chosen "Halloween" ensemble is of course associated with the said color. 

I tied a floral flannel around my waist to break the "all black" pattern to my outfit and it turned out to be really perfect with it. I was actually dwelling as to whether or not I should wear a pointed hat for this ensemble to make it feel like Halloween-esque but no, I just sticked with my fedora hat. Aside from the fact that I was feeling very Halloween-esque today, I feel like a rock star! :p

My inspiration:

I've been listening to this song for like a whole week now. I'm telling you I'm just really in love with the Vocalist's voice and the light beat of the song even though it's rock in genre. Some rock songs are not too good to listen to with all the screaming and everything. But believe me, this song that I got here is really perfect! click the video above and enjoy!! ;)

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