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Baby you a song, you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise… Aaaaahhhh! LSS at its finest. I’ve been drawn to this song for the past few days and I simply wanted to tweet its lyrics over and over again to tell everyone how nice this song was. But anyway, I’m feeling very happy to finally post an outfit post for tonight! (yaaaaayyy!!) I am so back!

 Top: Thrifted, Black skinny pants: Bench, Low cut boots: Forever21, Bag: From Mom
So I wore this whole outfit out for dinner with my relatives in celebration for my grandmother’s 82nd birthday celebration last August 18 in which I promise I’ll be blogging about it  real soon! I wanted to achieve this whole rocker-esque look that’s why I wore my black pants & low cut Forever21 boots out on a rainy Sunday. And who would have thought that this striped top that I scored at the last minute in a Thrift shop for 50 bucks would really go well with my chosen “theme” or outfit for that night?
I was actually thinking of wearing a plain white tee that night and would only tie a checkered polo around my waist to look really rocker-esque. But I chose to go with this simple yet cool ensemble instead so I won’t have a hard time holding, minding the polo tied around my waist if it’s still with me or not and because I thought the rain would stop pouring all throughout that night but the opposite happened, It got worse than expected. I felt really comfortable with it even though it was raining mad and cold outside. Too bad I wasn’t able to bring along a jacket with me because the rain was pouring really hard and I was slowly feeling cold! 
My inspiration:
So here’s the part that I’m really excited about! This song that I got an LSS on is Cruise by the Florida Georgia Line. It’s been a while since I discovered this song myself when I watched “Miley Cyrus winning awards at the 2013 Teen Choice awards “video in Youtube. This song (Cruise) was a nominee in the Choice summer song Category in which the tune caught my attention the most! I mean I love it! Oh good lord! (Lol) Actually, this video I got there in the link is the remixed version. If you want to hear the original version, click here: I love the remixed version more than the original because it’s way more catchy. I’ve been listening to it the whole time from our trip bound to Pampanga till we get home to Makati. That’s how much i liked it! It makes me want someone to tell me that I’m a song and they make them wanna roll their windows down and cruise.♫♪♫ HAHAHAHA! And BTW, i’m having my fingers crossed for anyone out there who will hear this song for the first time and getting LSS-ed with this song as well! ♥ Click the link above  and enjoy!  ;)

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