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So, this is my first recent post for the NEW THEFOREVERWILLBE. My blog archive says I had 34 other posts for this month. That would be all past posts that I had in my last social platform and I had to transfer everything (manually) and post it again one by one here in my new blog. 

Dress: Thrifted, Hat, Socks & Low cut boots: All from Forever21

Luckily I had a chance to have a photoshoot today. Thank god the weather was with me! lol! My whole ensemble was perfect for the weather, it was really full of comfort. I borrowed this thrifted dress from my sister who unfortunately (or luckily?), found this dress really odd for her to wear out. I looked at the dress differently, it was actually perfect in my eyes! Don't you also think so? And so I decided to let the dress's color stand out by matching it with a black fedora hat, black socks and low cut boots which are all from Forever21 btw. My forever21 pieces are probably my most expensive possessions so far. They are truly special in a way that they are indeed expensive and I have to treasure and take care of them. It is so "once in a blue moon" that I get to have or buy something from Forever21 that's why they really require a pint of maintenance from me.

My inspiration:

Camille Co

Lemme explain myself: It is very random of me these past few days to think of someone as an outfit inspiration. Luckily, the idea of Camille's ensemble suddenly popped out of nowhere that I thought her ensemble here is actually really perfect as my outfit's inspiration for this post. Don't you guys thinks so? :)

I have another inspiration in my mind by the way and I hope you guys will love it.:

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