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It’s interesting how this day turned out: first, After a week of class suspension, our class finally resumed again today. Second, I was able to update my blog several times this week (for the record!) and Third, My good Friend and I was able to indeed MEET & GREET our favorite fashion blogger, Miss Camille Co a while ago at Tomato’s Glorietta 2 branch. I’m uploading the best shots I got during the meet & greet and when I say the “best shots” it actually meant “The highlights of the Meet & Greet” as well as “The clearest shots I got.”

If you have been consistently reading my blog posts, I’m sure you guys knew that Camille Co was listed as one of the Local Fashion Bloggers that inspires me. I would want to describe her as a very popular fashion icon in the Blogosphere,  a designer, a blogger that consistently lands in the “Hot” section of LookBook, most in demand local blogger in the Fashion scene here in the Philippines and a true Fashionista of course! You have no idea how stunned my friend and I were when she was standing right in front of our very own eyes. She looks like a walking doll or a human doll. When she spoke in quite a squeeky voice, that’s when my friend and I knew that she is indeed an approachable, down to earth, friendly and a sweet person. We both proved that to ourselves. She was really willing to share her story about how blogging is suppose to be done & how she started before she succeeded and of course to entertain a couple of fans, eager or hungry for a picture with her.  My friend and I were so into her that we seized the moment and took as a lot of pictures with Camille as our Ipods’s battery & memory can still manage. Tomato in collaboration with Camille Co, has produced a capsule collection of Camille in which she designed herself each style of the clothes. To make the Meet & Greet quite exciting, Tomato has set a “Styling Challenge” in which contestants get to choose any clothes within the store to use for their styling contest and the prize will be an outfit set from her collection. (from the winner’s choice, of course.) I actually joined the challenge but unfortunately, I wasn’t picked as one of the 4 participants for  the said challenge. Oh well, at least I tried! :) 
I’m so happy that I got to ask her the things that I’ve always wanted to ask her. (I hope you guys understood what I meant!) You see bloggers are quite busy sometimes that they can’t entertain all fans by answering back to a hundred or sometimes thousands of fan emails and comments on all social networking sites they signed up for. Given the moment to chat with her while the styling challenge was taking place and she was comfortably seated in front of everyone. My friend and I asked her quite a number of questions. (This is in no particular order, I am injecting every question that I asked and every answer that she said, as accurate as I can remember):
Me: “We all know of course that you are signed up in almost a lot of social networking sites, which of these do you prioritize first? when it comes to replying to all your fans and everything?” 
Camille: “You have to choose which one is worth prioritizing. What I do is I prioritize first my blog. Replying back to all my fans’s comments in my blog is the most important. Then I go to my emails.”
Me: “Do you still have haters, ate?”
Camille: “I don’t have that outrageous numbers of haters compared to others. But I still receive comments from foreigners that are quite disrespectful, I don’t necessarily answer back to any foul comments, because sometimes people jump into conclusions. They would think that you’re like this, you’re like that. Unless it gets to the point that it’s too much already. I answer back but in a nice and respectful way”.
Me: “What advice can you give to those girls who are getting started in Blogging/Fashion Blogging?”
Camille: “If you are really taking it seriously, you should focus on the content of your blog. If you’re blogging about Fashion, just stick with Fashion. Don’t jump from one thing to another, Just focus on one theme/motif for your blog. Another thing is your attitude on how you write your blog posts, that’s what keeps your readers’s interest to visit your blog and the whole look of your blog is important as well. Your pictures are the most important, they should be clear, use a DSLR if possible. Readers are sometimes sensitive to photos, if they find it blurry they won’t come back to read your blog again.”
Jhai (My good Friend): “The wedding gown you made for a client with some interesting details at the back was really beautiful.”
Me: “Yes! I loved it as well, the laces turns out to be your “trademark” in your designs.”
Camille (Smiling): “Thank you! Yes I guess that is my trademark.”
Jhai: “Ate, who inspires/motivates you to continue with your work?”
Camille: “Myself I guess! (Laughs) Designing is something I’ve always wanted to do.”
Me: “Ate thank you so much! and congratulations on your collection!”
Camille: “Thank you! Have you bought anything from my collection?”
Me (Embarrassed): “Actually ate, my money isn’t enough to buy one item today. But I definitely will when I finally saved enough!” 
You guys have no idea how embarrassed I was with what I said to her right before we left the store. (Face clap) But Jhai and I surely left the store with a big smile on our faces. Though both empty handed, we surely both learned a lot from Ate Camille. It’s no wonder I listed her as one of the Local bloggers that inspires me. She truly knows how to amaze, touch and inspire other teens and people through her work experiences and must-follow advices.
Right before I end this post, I’d like to insert these  last 2 photos that made me smile too much that I almost forgot how to breathe!
1.) This photo that Ate Camille uploaded in her Instagram account with a caption that says: “Thank you to everyone who came to my meet and greet! :)I’m so happy!” a photo that made both my Friend & I’s heart jump out of our chests. I couldn’t help myself from smiling. You see, the overwhelming part here is she chose this photo of us with me and my friend alongside with her–above all the fans she had a photo with–to be uploaded in her Instagram account to thank everyone who participated in her Meet & Greet! I mean, isn’t that cool?? I guess my friend and I were just too lucky today huh? ;)

2.) Right before we left, I jokingly told her to tell her dear blogger friend, ate Patricia Prieto (My fave local fashion blogger evah!) that I’m a huge fan of hers and I would like to meet her someday. She said yes she will and to my surprise.. She actually did!!! I thought she’d forget about it!! T________T
This was the first Meet & Greet session that I’ve been so far and luckily it was the best! I had so much fun and it’s something that is worth remembering forever! ♥

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