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Okay. So I did another Ukay-Ukay visitation awhile ago in another shop somewhere in Mandaluyong. I normally visit the one near our house and I already did my ”once in a while” visit there yesterday and I was able to score a Maxi dress in which I will be posting about it when I get to have another mini photo shoot w/ someone. Then awhile ago, being curious of ”what’s in store” in that Ukay shop that I have always been eyeing to visit (but I couldn’t because i’m too lazy) I went there for the first time ever and my jaw dropped the moment I entered the shop. The whole store was filled with lots of second hand clothes which are already segregated from men’s shirts, pants, sweaters & shoes to women’s dresses, jackets, shirts, shorts, pants, bags & shoes which drove me crazy!! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those clothes on the women’s section most especially the Dress section. While I was digging my hands on those clothes an idea popped in my mind: ”Why not post something about Thrift store shopping?” and yeah this is what the post is all about right? Forgive me for the long intro I did, here are my tips for the newbies:

1. Always bring just a small bag with you. Most especially the one that you can just put in your cellphone, purse and ipod (if you have any). Most thrift stores aren’t too spacious and it’s normally congested with hanged clothes and bags. Also, thrift stores don’t always hire a security guard. A small bag is perfect wherein you can always keep your eye on your belongings. Also, most of the dressing rooms in thrift shops don’t allow an individual to fit clothes with a large bag to avoid incidences of shop lifting. A small bag can give you a big relief believe me ;)
2. Keep your hands free. Avoid taking anything with you when you go thrift shopping, you can’t enjoy looking over from one clothes to another when you’re holding something in your hands.
3. Bring just a fair amount with you. You went to a thrift shop to buy a lot of things with a very small price so give the cashier a favor by bringing just a hundred bucks with you so that they won’t have a hard time giving you your change and it won’t eat too much of your time waiting.
4. Patience my dear! Patience! You need to have a lot of patience when you do thrift shopping. You’ll never know, you might find something that might actually make people turn heads on you and that’ll boost a lot of self-confidence! Never lose hope, just keep exploring from one corner of the shop to another until you find a perfect piece that’s worth having in your closet for a lifetime that’s half the price. :)
5. watch out for damages. Yes it’s a perfect dress and that’s something you’ve been eyeing to buy in that branded store that’s triple the price with what you’re holding but uh-oh! There’s a stain in it. You don’t want to bucks on a gorgeous dress that has too much stain or damage in it. Holes are much easier to mend but stains sometimes (or probably all the time) are hard to mend or find a remedy most especially when you can’t ”zonrox” the stain because it will just ruin the condition of the dress. Might as well just let go and find another piece.
6. Don’t buy it if it doesn’t fit. Gorgeous prints on the shirt but it’s too big for you, Perfect looking pants but your waist line is waaaaay beyond on that pants’s size. Try buying something that looks really gorgeous, simple and versatile that really fits in your body type. Remember: It’s a thrift shop. They are offering 1 piece per clothing only with no other sizes available.
7. Never underestimate the ”Fitting Room” in connection with rule #6, it’s always a MUST to try the piece on first before heading straight to the cashier. How will you know if it surely fits into your body if you don’t try it on first and see for yourself? No matter how many times you go in and out of the fitting room, It’s the FIT & the COMFORT that matters no matter how many bucks you have saved for that piece. Also, I think some Thrift stores practices no return, no exchange policy.
8. Wear comfortable clothes. This is a highly underestimated rule. Not all thrift shops are fully air conditioned. Most are hot and congested and dusty, so it’s better that you wear comfortable clothes that you shop to prevent too much sweat while doing some look outs.
9. Buy it ASAP! Another rule in connection with rule # 6. It’s a thrift store dude! There’s a lot of RARE pieces in there and when I say rare, it’s only 1. Don’t go window shopping on a thrift shop that has too many interesting pieces and when you finally found something and you told yourself ”I’ll go back for you tomorrow or the next day.” I swear dear, someone might just grab it before you do. So if I were you, if it’s not way beyond your budget and you really,really want it.. BUY IT.
10. Do a regular visit. You might actually score another discount for that piece you’re holding when the cashier or anyone who’s always present around to watch the store recognizes you. and oh! It’s always helpful when you’re friendly.
I just hope you find these tips very helpful for you when you get to visit a thrift shop nearby to where you live,work,hangout or attend school.

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