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Once my mom told me a few years back, that whenever I go out and attend some sort of a special occasion I should always make sure that my attire is both proper and suited for the event. I bear that in my mind all the time and luckily, I was able to adapt it quite well. Mothers indeed knows best! ♥ 

Lace Dress: Thrifted, Vintage Bag: Longchamp, Flats: Parisian

And So here I am blogging an outfit post for tonight while sneezing and blowing my nose so bad, I feel like my nose is dislocating or something. Ugghh I seriously hate having runny nose. I just needed to blog something about what happened to me today like right away just in case I get busy this week ( well, hopefully).

I was invited to another non-relative Christening which happened just this morning and this was my chosen ensemble for the Christening; very simple but classy. It may not be obvious from afar but this skin tone dress that I wore today was a lace one. Would you actually believe that I scored this dress (along with my red dress from my last post) on my last Thrift Shopping still on its fine condition? I guess I'm pretty lucky with the thrift shop that I've been regularly visiting because I always get to score pretty dresses in a very cheap price as well as pieces that I get to wear for the very first time like ever in my entire life and this lace dress was one of those. All hail for the Thrift shops! hahahaha!

I had so much fun with my high school best friends today, we've been laughing like crazy for almost the whole day. I just needed to say goodbye to them and leave quite early because my runny nose was totally against me, having fun.

Btw, before we proceed with my outfit's chosen inspiration for tonight I'd like to introduce to you this sweet little pumpkin, Lourde Aeon! :''> His mom was a very good high school friend of mine and she asked me to be her son's godmother. Of course there's no reason for me to say "No" to a very dear friend and a sweet little pumpkin like L.A. :''> He was finally welcomed to the Christian World this morning and it's an honor to be one of the godmothers of this sweet angel. ♥ Isn't he adorable? :''> 

My inspiration:

Emma Watson

I know I've said this a countless times in my previous posts and I will never get tired to say it over and over again, I am a big fan of Emma Watson's. She's my inspiration to everything: fashion, beauty, grace, etiquette and the way she delivers herself appropriately in front of the camera and the entire world. She's a total package for an epitome of inspiration. My lifetime celebrity inspiration. Nothing can beat THE Emma Watson. :)

* photos grabbed from google images

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