3:21 AM

 Hehehey (blurred lines tone) it's me with my new hair cut! I was actually dwelling as to whether or not I shall have it trimmed or get a new haircut because I got bored with my look and the debate came into a close and here's the result.

     (Oh good Lord.)

Top: Thrifted, Skater Skirt: LandMark, Vintage Bag: Longchamp, jelly loafers: Bazaar

 I regret having it chopped (honestly) because our Graduation Pictorial was in 2 days after I had my haircut. So yeah, I had to go with a short hair on my Graduation Picture. 

ANYWAYS,  I went to Powerplant Mall today with my sister to have lunch and of course to take outfit pictures for today's blog post. I felt really girly with my chosen ensemble for today though it's totally out of my comfort zone. I ain't really a fan of skirts. Because growing up I've been wearing skirts every day at school. Skater skirts are part of my wish list by the way (skater skirts are exempted for my slight dislike with skirts) and it's a dream come true to finally wear one. Hoping to come up with more ensembles in the future wearing skater skirts! :)

My inspiration:

Ever since I listened to "Bangerz" 2 days ago, among all of my favorite songs in that album this was one of the songs I couldn't stop listening to. The way Miley Cyrus sung it was just so full of emotions that every person who listens to it (including me) gets drawn to the message & feeling of the song. You can really tell that she's singing it from the heart. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going through anything like Miley. I'm having a very steady relationship with my boyfriend. I just really love this song. I think no other singer can sing this piece better or beyond perfect than Miley Cyrus. Click the video above & enjoy! x

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  1. Oh my God! I couldnt get over her album also! In fact 'Maye you're right' is one of my favourite songs on the album. The album is so perfect. I'm glad i found someone who thinks so as well.

    Check out my blog if you can? www.JanuaryEmber.Com

    1. That's interesting! Her album is indeed perfect dear! I've been listening to it the whole week, it was crazy! No wonder it was a success! :)