3:58 AM

There's only a few hours left before 2014 finally comes out with a bang! But this won't stop me from posting 2 last blog posts for 2013 and here's the 1st one: the promised Photo diary of the Day 2 of our Holiday Trip to Baguio City! 

We weren't able to do some strawberry picking on this day. Aside from the fact that there were already too many people/tourists picking out strawberries, the strawberries actually costs around 350/ kilo if you wish to go picking. Mom was surprised and so we were forced to buy outside the farm instead to save more. We bought a couple of t-shirt souvenirs and I got myself a dream catcher necklace. Mom bought a couple of fruits. We spent the whole day roaming around in parks and buying souvenirs. 

By night time, I met up with a dear friend that I wasn't able to see for a few months. She was my friend in my first Practicum and I felt really happy to finally see her and meet her fellow Practicumers who were really friendly. :)

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