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I, along with my boyfriend and 3 other gay but lovely friends attended the annual Bloggers United a while ago at the World Trade Center. Bloggers United is now on its 6th round providing interaction  between local fashion bloggers and their respective readers. Bloggers United are giving these avid readers a rare chance to shop unto their favorite fashion bloggers' pre-loved and new clothes, accessories, shoes and bags. And lucky enough I took part in these awesome event for the first time and I tell you, it's definitely not my last. 

Blazer: From my grandmother's closet, Midriff top: Bazaar, Shorts: LandMark, 
Kitty flats: Primadonna 

A lot of people have been asking me "where'd you got your blazer from?" and I would shyly answer "It's my Grandmother's, I just scored it from her closet." and you would see their "The heck?!" faces and it's a tad bit crazy honestly! LOL. Anyway, I would definitely blog about my Bloggers United 6 experience on my next post but in the mean time, let's focus first on my chosen outfit of the day. :)
This was really my planned ensemble for the Bloggers United. I wanted to look simple but still fashionable and at the same time eye-catchy. hihi. I had doubts on putting on wearing this one actually because I know that when I leave the house and commute my way to the venue, many people would stare at me like I'm going to be an MC of a party of some sort or whatever. So, just to avoid such incidences of criticism, I threw my mullet first to hide my midriff underneath and when I finally arrived in the venue that's the time I wore the blazer. 

And yeah, I'm pretty happy with the results because on the venue, I was surrounded with so many fashionable people! I was like, "My god this is my kind of environment!" LOL! I honestly had so much (or too much?) fun on my first ever Bloggers United experience and I am honestly looking forward to attending the next Bloggers United next year.

Before I end this post, I would like to share with you this picture that really, really, really made my day and very happy as well!!

I finally met my favorite Local Fashion Blogger, Ate Patricia Prieto!!! I'm sure you guys have noticed that I've mentioned her so many times here in my blog and I was really overjoyed to finally meet, greet and take pictures with her! ♥ She even took this photo with her very own Hello Kitty Instax mini 8 camera and she gave me the copy as remembrance and she even gave me her very own straw hat that I've been eye-ing a while ago in her stall. Sweeeeeet right?! T____T my heart melted with her kindness! I still have a couple of pictures taken with her and I'll reserve that for my next blog post. :) 

Hopefully I get to bump into her one of these days around the metro, I would also and definitely look forward to talk to her again. :''> What a great and memorable day this is!

My inspiration:

Camille Co

I know you guys knew that she's part of the top local fashion bloggers that inspires me so much. She also took part on the Bloggers United that happened a while ago but unfortunately I wasn't able to wait for her already because her expected time of arrival in the venue was already too late for me. But, even though I wasn't able to meet her again, she's my inspiration for today's chosen outfit! :)

I seriously love her Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats here and when I googled the amount, it was a whooping, 28,000+ Phippine Peso! My god! Good thing my Primadonna Flats are somewhat a replica of these lovely and must-have Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats.

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  1. I think you really did a fine job in finding a great-looking vintage blazer from your grandmother's closet.
    You certainly have a good eye dear. :)

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