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 Hello everyone! BELATED MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I'm back from my Family Holiday Vacation in Pampanga and Baguio and I've got so much to share with all of you! I feel very happy to be back and finally blog something for you guys again. :) Lemme just take you back on the 24th day of this month wherein I wore this whole outfit out to meet a special friend of my mom's. It feels refreshing to where something bright on a Holiday!

Checkered-Flower Printed Top: Thrifted, Mustard Skirt: Ootdbyajshop, Kitty Flats: Primadonna

The week before our Family Holiday Vacation started, I already had my outfits planned for each day. Call me a freak but that's my habit. I hate doing impromptus when it comes to dressing up. I hate being rushed when I dress up, I tend to change my mind every second. I wore this whole outfit for a lunch out on my mom's college best friend's house who is also my God Mother. :) I had fun during the lunch out because most of the time I hear my mom's loud laughter whenever her best friend shares something hilarious to her. It made me miss my best friend as well. While the two were busy exchanging stories and laughter with each other, I tagged along my sister out on the house's gate to take pictures. The sun was shining brightly and I had to endure the heat by twirling my skirt here and there. LOL

Through my god mother, I met this 4 yr. old Filipino kid born in Michigan named, Jose. I can't believe he actually asked me out to play badminton with him and what's even more surprising was, he knows how to play badminton! Such an adorable, talkative and friendly little guy!

Here are some snap shots from that beautiful day :)

My inspiration:

Steffy Kuncman

If you've read my previous post wherein I stated who the foreign bloggers are that inspires me to blog and dress up, Steffy Kuncman is one of those girls. I love the simplicity and vintage look of hers when I saw it for the first time in her blog and there's no other way to get inspired with this outfit but to dress up like this as well!

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