10:15 PM

The best way to spend Christmas day is to enjoy it with Family and Relatives. I realized that there's so much things to be thankful for every day and being able to spend it with my mom as well as our relatives is one of those things to thank for.

Red Dress: Thrifted, Kitty Flats: Primadonna

There wasn't anything much for Christmas Day that we were planning to do but to head to the Mall, roam around, watch a movie or two or simply just go window shopping. There wasn't a fixed plan. But then plans can encounter changes and so my mom brought us along with her when she went out to meet another good college friend of hers who invited her to come over at her house for lunch. We are pretty lucky to be invited in different lunch outs for 2 consecutive days. I just realized that my mom got so many kind hearted friends who always invites her over at their homes. After the lunch out, we came back to our grandmother's house and there was our relatives waiting for us and we spent the rest of the day taking pictures and laughing over at old photographs of each other. What a Christmas day well spent with my Family! :)

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