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Don't you just love spontaneous family gatherings? Most especially if it happened on the exact day of your day off. You get to enjoy the whole day and eat out along with your relatives. A spontaneous day spent in our province in Pampanga, just a while ago. talk abt quick update here. hihihihi

"BOY" Printed hanging Top: Fashion Infinity, Shorts: LandMark, Kitty Flats: Primadonna, Sunnies: i2i, Vintage Bag: Longchamp

My mom just came home from London for a 3-week vacation. My siblings and I had always wanted to spend Christmas with her ever since she left to work abroad and luckily, our wish was granted this year. We've got a whole lot of family activities lined up on the duration of my mom's stay and this spontaneous family gathering was one of them. I chose this black and white ensemble for today because I wanted to try something that I don't always do: Wear a black and white outfit. Black isn't  really my kind of color to wear out most especially if the weather is very hot because based on what I always knew, dark colors absorbs heat. You guys know how much a freak I am when it comes to dressing up in comfort. So yeah, I took the risk and I kinda knew that I won't feel too hot or sweaty because after all I was wearing shorts and the top that I used was luckily made from a light material.

Btw, I scored the top from the Bloggers United 6 (woooh!) at the Fashion Infinity's stall and luckily I was able to wear them out today! I totally loved it! :) A photo diary of this spontaneous day will be coming soon on my next blog post! :)

My inspiration:


Loving Jessica Sanchez and Ne-Yo's duet in this song. Their voices are very well blended 
and are indeed both perfect for this song. This made me inspired! :)

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