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It feels great to finally enjoy my last day of Practicum for this month and go on a Christmas Holiday Break to spend with my family. My mom's leaving for London again in a couple of days and there's no greater thing to do than to spend my time with her. This week is packed with planned family activities and I can't wait for it to get started!

Customized Shirt: World Trade Bazaar, Pants: Land Mark, Shoes: Adidas, Bracelets & Wrist watch: both from Bazaar

Before our much awaited and anticipated week full of family activities begins, My boyfriend and I finally went out to watch a movie together after a very long time of not doing so. I was planning to watch Frozen but then we missed the screening time so we watched The Hobbit 2 instead and it was full of suspense! I'm looking forward for the part 3. One of the dwarfs in the movie named Aidan Turner in real life (I just googled his name! how freaky is that?), caught my attention! HOLY! WHAT A HOT CREATURE THIS IS! I was freaking out inside my head while watching the movie. Hoping one of you also finds this guy attractive and freaks out more than I do.

About this outfit...

Well, I wanted people to see me in a different light this time with a little sporty kick wearing trainers with a basic ensemble. Tried out my mom's pair of trainers (yes these are my mom's) and fortunately it went well. I am not really someone who's a fan of pairing sporty pieces with basic outfits or anything but I must say, it actually went well. :)

My inspiration:

I must admit, I missed watching and listening to Glee as much as I missed hearing Cory Monteith's voice. I actually loved his rendition of "Can't fight this feeling" on Glee and I just really missed this awesome song! Click the video above and enjoy! x

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