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I told you I'll be back to normal by day 2! LOL!  It'll be too cliche if I'll use Katy Perry's "ROAR" song as the title of today's blog entry. I guess that song is already too overused in associated with animal prints. Today's outfit post is still associated with my Baguio Holiday trip with my Family. :)

Jumper: Thrifted, Shorts: LandMark, Low cut boots: Forever21

Forgive me if these photos are quite blurry and I'm having this "too serious" facial expressions. The fog in the strawberry farm that my family and I visited was crazy that it made my contact lenses dry out. It was honestly a dream come true for me to wear out a pair of stockings along with my low cut boots. I felt this "winter" kind of vibe when I wore them out. When you wear one of these in Manila (the capital city of the Philippines) people will stare at you, Seriously!! the temperature in Manila is too hot and wearing black stockings and boots are a No-No. It doesn't go well with the weather.

Though the fog contributed a lot to the coldness of the place and even though I was wearing shorts, I still felt warm and comfortable with my outfit. :)

(I'll be posting a photo diary of our adventures on the 2nd day of our Holiday trip in my next blog post.)

My inspiration:


*sigh* I hate meeting strangers for the first and last time...
click the video above and sing with me people! :p

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