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 It was such a heart break to do an indoor photo shoot of myself when in fact my outfit for the day looks great on a perfect Saturday sunset. What a disadvantage of being alone, I had to set my Ipod on timer for 10 seconds and do crazy poses to make the whole indoor shot look lively.

Striped Top: World Trade Bazaar, Pants: Bench, Shoes: Limited Edition Taylor Swift RED Keds

Btw, I was invited to attend the F&B department's Christmas Party a while ago and this was my chosen not to mention "planned" outfit for the party. I wanted to achieve a laid back but stylish outfit that screams a whole lot of  Taylor Swift-esque kind of look and obviously I achieved it! Thanks to my Red Keds which were separated from me for months because my mom ordered the wrong size and she had to take it back to where she bought it from (If ever you plan to ask me where that is, I'm not really sure but it's in London). Luckily After a few months of waiting and even though a new set of Taylor Swift Keds has been released already, I got it back. Now on my real shoe size but it's still kinda loose. Ugggghhhh

These were a few snapshots of our Christmas Party a while ago, Honestly Days before the actual party I was already feeling too excited about it and fortunately my excitement wasn't wasted. I didn't expect it to be really fun and crazy! There was an open forum a while ago wherein most of the employees spoke out their opinions, greetings and thanks to each and everyone. I was feeling too shy to speak that's why I wan't this blog post to serve as my Thank you speech to everyone of them:

"I would like to thank each and everyone in my Food and Beverage Department who were still as kind hearted and generous as they were since I started my Practicum. I guess I was pretty lucky to land in the best department so far and to meet these set of amazing people and it's amazing of you to be really kind and warm to me even though I am not a regular employee. You guys made me feel that I am part of the family and that I am not just a Practicumer. Thank you and Merry Christmas!"

My inspiration:

This was the song that popped into my head when I immediately thought of Taylor Swift as my outfit's chosen inspiration for today. ♥

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