6:02 AM

Don't you just love it when a "motif for my ootd" suddenly pops out on your mind? I just love it when that happens, it's easier to dress that way than spend/waste your time thinking what to wear. But anyway, this may sound entirely crazy/insane/funny perhaps in your perspective, but I wore this whole outfit out bound for the dentist! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. :( Dress to impress the dentist? whoaaaaa

Outfit details: Striped Top: Thrifted, Skater Skirt: Borrowed from my sister, Kitty Flats: Primadonna, Hat: Forever21

Right after I went to the dentist I immediately went off to Greenbelt to meet with my very good friend. :) We exchanged stories, hilarious jokes, had coffee and watched 47 Ronin together along with my Boyfriend. 

I tell you, 47 Ronin was the best movie that I watched for the first time this year. I was clueless the entire time that I was watching that it was based on a true piece of Japan's History. I mean, the 47 RONIN really did exist way, way back in Japan! Doesn't it make the movie look/sound cooler? I only realized that it was indeed a True Story when it was mentioned at the end of the movie.

My inspiration:


Forgive me if I've been blogging quite a number of music inspired outfit ever since 2014 started. There's just a lot of good songs playing around and I could not help but feel inspired! 
Most especially with this playful song! :)

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