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It was just a matter of 10 minutes after I ate off 3 isaws and a grilled pork ears when it occurred to me that I wanted to list down my bucket list for 2014 through my blog. Can you actually believe that 3 days has already passed since 2014 started?! How quick the time flies.

But anyway...
Just in case you have no idea what the "Bucket list" is, it's a list of things that you wanna do, experience or achieve BEFORE YOU DIE. Well that's the original Bucket List. (Watch the "Bucket List" movie to know more!) But the Bucket list that I have here today is a run down of the things that I wanna do and hopefully to achieve before the year ends. 

To tell you guys the truth, after reading Verniece & Vern Enciso's entry about their 2014 bucket list (Direct link to their blog post), I knew I also needed or more like wanted to blog as well as to list down my very own bucket list for this year so here's how it goes...

1. To gain more followers for The Forever Will Be. :)
and hopefully sponsors as well! hihihihihi

2. To be able to have ABS this year!
In need of a motivator/trainor. Any handsome volunteers?  hihihihihih

3. To have an Iphone or a DSLR Camera.
Pretty Please? :(

4. My blog/My outfits to be featured in a Magazine.
or a fashion/any form of website.

5. To be able to have a vacation out of the country!
 In Asia: South Korea is on the top of the list.
In Europe: It is and will always be The UK most especially London, as my dream destination. (aaaahhhhh Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Skandar Keynes, and Henry Cavill PLEASE DO WAIT FOR ME, I'm coming!!!)

6. To meet Ate Patricia Prieto...again.
 My favorite local fashion blogger like evah! If given the chance, I would really love to interview her, have an #OOTD slash fierce photo shoot with her or go shopping with her. OMG that would be really AWESOME T_______T

7. To accidentally meet MARIO MAURER. My. Heart.

8. To be able to read John Green's "The Fault in our stars."
I mean srsly, everyone's already read it and I think I'm (the only) lamest creature on earth who haven't read a single page of this beautiful book. Even the movie poster is already out! and I am still clueless to death of what the story is all about. (heart attack)

9. To laugh my heart out again with my best high school friends
My schedule is against it. But hopefully, one of these days...

10. Go on a beach outing with my OJT mates!
There's too many people that I miss! :(( 

11. To go ice skating again with my baby ♥

12. To adapt a pet dog
I miss the feeling of being a pet owner. I smile a lot when I see pet owners walk their cutie pooches on parks. :(

13. To be a Starbucks barista.
 I know this may sound/look weird, But that's one thing I wanna try after I graduate. :)

14. To spend an entire week with my grand mother.
 Well you know, As we're busy growing up we don't realize they're already getting old. One thing that keeps them happy and smiling is when you spend time or a day or two with them. That would at least help increase their life line and it'll also help create beautiful memories. :)

15. To be able to do a "walking shot" in a pedestrian lane while all the cars are on Stop.
HA! that would be really be awesome!!!!

16. To reward myself a pair of Ray Ban Flash lenses Aviators.
or even the original aviators or way farer would be fine. Thank You.

17. To be able to attend a concert or a Music Festival.

18. To be photographed by BJ Pascual.
Law of attraction. I rely on you the most.

19. To dance Psy's "Gentlemen" on a crowded street in Makati.
That is sooooo 2013! Okay cross that out.

20. To be mesmerized from a beautiful, random smile.
From a random stranger.

I had to refrain myself to go on and add another thing in the list. HAHAHAHAHA! hmmm...that's all that I have in my mind at the moment. Please do forgive me (I do apologize in advance) if ever you stumble upon this post again and you see some things added on the list, then I guess something, someone or whatever just crossed my mind...

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  1. Hi Stephy! Thank you for commenting on my blog :)
    Ummm.. I'm not sure what you meant by customised template but I used the Simple Template on Blogger (the one with the white background and black writing) and customised all the settings to how I liked it and added banners etc.
    The social media buttons on every post I put there myself :)

    - S x

    1. Thank you for dropping by in my blog! :) I just loved everything that you did on your blog! :)