8:20 PM

What's the greater way to start off 2014 than to flash a sweet smile? :) 

Loose Top: Scored from my Grandmother's closet, Dream catcher Necklace: Bought from a Souvenir shop in Baguio, Skinny Jeans: Bench, Sneakers: Limited Edition Taylor Swift RED keds

Happy 2014 guys! So yeah, this is my first outfit post for the year 2014. I've been updating my blog every day because tomorrow (supposedly today) I'll be back to my Practicum and that means I will have to dedicate my whole time again working and catching up some decent sleep. :( I won't have much time to take outfit photos by then so as much as possible, while I still have the time to do so, I really update. :) 

Hopefully, during my day offs (Tuesdays) I'll be able to blog and take outfit photos. :)

About my outfit...

As much as possible, I try my best to be unpredictable when I dress up. One day you'll see me scoring an all black outfit and the next is I look too girly and now wearing something Basic. I love dressing up in basic pieces because it keeps me comfortable and not too mention, simple but in a fashionable way. :) It was a dream come true (again) for me to finally score my first ever Dream catcher necklace! YAAAAYYYY!! Hoping to collect more dream catchers (of any forms: necklace, key chains etc) in the future! :)

My inspiration:

There's no greater thing to be inspired of than hearing another great Miley Cyrus Music.
Aaaahhhh I love her voice in this song!

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  1. great shoes dear :D
    Btw Happy New Year :)

    1. Thank you! I'm thinking of purchasing more keds in the future! :)

  2. simple yet cute!