4:40 AM

A few nights ago, My very dear gay friend, Richmond and I had a dinner date slash girls night out at Yakimix in Greenbelt 3. It was a long planned night out because most of the time our schedules are always and both on conflict. So yup, tonight's blog entry is all about my first dinner with Richmond and my first Yakimix experience. :)

Outfit Details: Crop top: World Trade Bazaar, Skater Skirt: Borrowed from my sister, Necklace: Land Mark: Kitty flats: Primadonna

It was my first time in Yakimix and you could have imagine how deeply excited I was to munch over everything on their buffet table, most especially on the sushi corner! Their sushi and Maki seriously made my night and of course I had fun grilling as well! I love everything in Yakimix and I tell you it's definitely not my last time to eat there! :)

About my Outfit:

It's a night out so basically Black is always a perfect color for night wear. I wanted to achieve this sophisticated look and voila! Let's not forget to give credits to the inspiration behind the outfit of course! ;)

My inspiration:

Patricia Prieto

Yessss It's been a while since I posted a celebrity inspired outfit and I must say, Ate Patricia's Outfit that she wore in the recent Bloggers United Event definitely triggered me to go ahead with my chosen outfit for that night! ♥ I love how ate Patricia's look here is so simple yet sophisticated but definitely super comfy! :)

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