9:34 PM

I have always loved pairing dresses in sneakers. I love how comfy it feels! With the right type of sneakers, a dress can instantly be transformed from girly to edgy. Forgive me for the poor choice of background.  I will have to warn you guys in advance just in case you might notice (I'm sure you will) that there would be some certain outfit posts in the future, with photos of me inside the Jamba Juice Store (while grabbing another cup of parfait. YUP.) I told you my addiction in Parfaits are getting to a whole crazy level!

Outfit Details:
Dress: The Ramp Crossings
 Cardigan: A gift from my Cousin
Sneakers: Adidas

Hoping this "Sneaker" trend won't die yet because if it is, I am making the most out of it. :) Forgive the bad lighting! My photographer was having a hard time containing himself from shivering because it was indeed cold in the East Wing of the mall we've been to! And btw! We watched Lego the Movie on this day. It was a good and funny one. :)

My inspiration:

Too many good songs! Whew!

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