7:43 AM

Forgive me if I look too serious in this photo. The cold temperature in the mall wasn't cooperating well with my body (or vice versa) when I was taking my outfit photos. But anyway, just a quick update for everyone. I still need to complete 250+ hours for my practicum before I finally prepare myself for Graduation. How times flies by so fast. But even though time was already patting me at the back, as much as possible I try to enjoy myself to every bit of every thing that I do/learn/experience in my Practicum because I know that I would definitely miss everything and it prepares me so much for the real world. 

Outfit Details:

Crop top: @projectkooture (IG)
DIY highwaist Shorts: Lacoste
Flannel: From my mom
Shoes: Random shop from IG

You guys have no idea how I've been obsessing so much on Jamba Juice's Berry Topper Parfait. Wishing I would be able to know the recipe of this heavenly treat so I can eat tons of it at home. I only get to eat a cup during my day off and I really needed to come over to Jamba Juice for it. I swear, this healthy comfort food of mine is something that I'm willing to eat forever! ♥

My inspiration:


I don't know why but this song has been stuck in my head these past few days. LSS at it's finest. I have this certain something in me that whenever I hear a good song, I play it over and over and over again. It's not that I want to get married already or whatever. (HAHAHA NO!) I just really find the song sweet and melting. AND! Just for a fun fact: Way back on my 18th birthday, I got to watch one of Jason Derulo's mall shows here in Manila! That made me an instant fan of him because he sings and dances really well! and that's truly sexy! ♥

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