10:59 AM

Luckily caught up this last and final look for the Earth Hour Contest on WhatIWear a few minutes before the contest finally closed. I really thought about the flow of the outfit-entries that I had for this contest. I want it to be totally different from one another. I want to look chic, girly and princess-esque and luckily (slash hopefully) I achieved my goal for these looks. :) So yeah, just a quick update of what I've been upto these past few days. Graduation Practice made me really busy these past few days. I (more like WE) had to spend an entire day at school practicing everything. Awhile ago, the Togas and Caps were finally distributed among us, graduating students. There are so many activities still lined up for me/us this coming month and I can't wait to get started! :)

Outfit Details:

Leotards: Borrowed from my sister
See-through Maxi Skirt: Scored from a Garage Sale
Sandals: Forever21

I knew this look would have been perfect or much better with a black corset but unfortunately I don't have one. :( So, I had to think of a substitute and luckily found this leotards on our closet. Tried it on and luckily it went well with the skirt. :) I love playing dressing up at home most especially whenever outfit combinations and mix and match are suddenly popping out of my head. Just so you guys know, I scored this Maxi Skirt from a Garage Sale for only 50 pesos! What a score! :D

My inspiration:


I've been drawn to this song ever since I heard it and watched the music video. Ellie Goulding's voice is just too Luring, I wanna listen to her like forever! Most especially to this song. A soundtrack from the Novel-Turned-Movie "Divergent". Well it just sucks that I had to refrain myself from watching the movie up until I finish Reading the book, which I guess will happen when the movie is finally online! LOL! I really had to restrict myself because for sure I'll be all clueless with the story when I finally see it on the cinema. You know a Movie sometimes have a different interpretation far or even close enough to what actually happened on the book. So, I have to stick to the true, detailed story first, (the book) before finally giving in to watch it. So yup, click the video above and enjoy Ellie's voice as well! :)

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