8:00 AM

I spent over the last 5 minutes thinking about what to type down for an intro. :p Forgive me and please excuse that sudden hiatus. These past few days, whenever I dress up and go out, I find it quite hard to not include the color black in my outfits. Black has consistently been (or will always be) my best friend whenever I'm having a hard time deciding which colors to mix and match. But! Even though Black has been consistently included in my OOTDs, as much as possible, I try to insert even just a little amount of color! :)

Outfit Details:

Top: Thrifted
Pants: H&M (Surprisingly it's thrifted as well!)
Bag: From my Boyfriend
Kitty Flats: Primadonna

My inspiration:

ANOTHER MUSIC INSPIRED OUTFIT?! If I really have to apologize in every Music Inspired outfit that I do, I WOULD! :D But anyway, old songs had been popping out of my head all of a sudden these past few days.. and this song is probably one of them. Elliot Yamin is just  ♥.

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