10:06 AM

The last time I wore a "Military" inspired outfit was way back on our last tour in College, at Camarines Sur. (view photo) You know that feeling when you wear something military inspired and you feel this whole "I feel like I'm part of a Military." slash "I feel like a rock star..a Military Rock star."  sort of vibe? That's what I felt. Funny thing is whenever I wear one, I always tell myself "Well, just in case a zombie apocalypse happens all of a sudden. At least, I'm prepared to Battle." echossssss! :( =))

Outfit Details:

Camo Muscle tee: Thrifted
Pants: Thrifted:
Vans: Random IG shop
Bag: From Mom
Dream Catcher: From Baguio

I preferred to break the usual cat-eye liner that I normally wear so it won't over power
my whole outfit. I preferred to look "fierce" than "too fierce".

My inspiration:

*a very sweet and brief sigh while looking over this real life Prince* This screen shot of Patrick Schwarzenegger that I got from Ariana Grande's "Right There" music video is more than enough to make me feel inspired every single time I see his picture. Dashing. He. Is. Oh. God. My. Heart.

Here's the song btw,

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