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The beach, Swimming, Halo-Halo, and Bikinis are just a few things that pops into someone's head whenever they hear the word "SUMMER". What's the best thing to wear on a summer? What else but of course pieces in Printed and BRIGHT COLORS! :) With the weather's temperature getting warmer here in Manila, it's definitely an obvious sign that summer is indeed just around the corner. With that said, I am slowly missing the beach! :(  Aaaaahhh I wonder if I'd be able to go on a summer getaway w/ someone this summer season? (fingers crossed/law of attraction/pretty please?)

Outfit Details:

Crop Top: World Trade Bazaar
Shorts: LandMark
Belt: Borrowed from my sister
Loafers: Cole Vintage (The Ramp Crossings)

It feels great to finally wear something in bright colors! :D Wearing crop tops definitely reminds me so much that I REALLY needed to go back to my exercise routine. I swear I would definitely do so after I finish off my Practicum! I have to catch up so I'll have a "beach ready" body just in time for Summer! ♥

My inspiration:

( I got 2 inspirations for today! )

Patricia Prieto

Well, Well. It's about time I finally got myself a Celebrity inspired outfit! Ate Patricia's colorful outfit was indeed (obviously) my inspiration for today's blog entry! I love how she paired all the colors! It definitely matched! Upon seeing this, I was really surprised that Blue and Green (or more like turquoise) DOES actually looks good together and with a hint of purple of course! Sad thing I don't have a purple heels like Ate Pat's but at least the gold loafers that I wore helped to balance out the colors that I wore for today! :)



To tell you guys the truth, I didn't like nor loved Lorde's "ROYALS" song even though I've been hearing it almost everywhere! But her 2nd song that went straight to the hit charts again which is "TEAM" was definitely a song of hers that I loved this time! I've been playing this song while working on this outfit post, I love how light & relaxing this song is!

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