6:44 AM

Well, Well! Look who's back to blog again! ME!! (imaginary confetti popping out of nowhere) It's been weeks since I last updated the The Forever Will Be and I couldn't feel any happier to blog again! :) So yeah after 5mos. of working real hard and after so many absences (oh my god. :(( ) I finally finished off my 700 hrs. of Practicum last March 25. My mind was already bursting with so many ideas on what to blog and I couldn't wait for everyone to read all about it here on my blog! :)

Outfit Details:

Hat: Forever 21
Crop Top: Scored at the World Trade Bazaar
Origami Skorts: @stilesclothing (IG)
Sandals: Forever 21

I wore an all black ensemble today because I joined an Earth Hour Contest on WhatIWear. It's a contest to show your style on how you Support "Earth Hour" and how much you care in saving the planet by wearing an all black outfit. I've been dying to join this contest ever since I received a notification through email. I just had to wait until my practicum is over so I can finally take outfit photos. The contest ends at the end of March, so as much as possible everyone should post more all black outfits for a bigger chance to score an ASOS shopping Voucher and a donation for WWF.org under his/her name. Sounds cool right?! Come join with me! Tonight's blog entry is my first black outfit look for the contest. Watch out for the 2 more outfits! :)

My inspiration:

I really couldn't help listening to this song! I've been drawn to it ever since
 I heard it over the radio! You got it, You got it babe, You got it. Oops!

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