7:16 PM

This was probably the first time you have seen me wearing an all white outfit. HA! SURPRISE, SURPRISE! I was also surprised by the result of my imagination. You see, most of the time I imagine outfit combinations first before I actually wear them. To test if it does look great on me or the combination was actually perfect. Luckily it was! I've been itching to wear white out just to give everyone a break from my 3 consecutive Black outfit posts for Earth Hour. :D And by the way, as mentioned on my last blog post, this was the actual Outfit I wore off to a Wedding along with my Boyfriend. :)


Outfit Details

Top & Skater Skirt: 
@stilesclothing (IG)
Studded Sandals:

I've been following a lot of online shop on Instagram that offers a lot of great products most especially on clothing. Luckily I discovered @stilesclothing and there's just too many great finds on their store! I scored my whole white outfit on their store and the parcel arrived earlier than expected! Would definitely buy more great stuffs at @stilesclothing. ;)

I didn't want to ruin the beauty of my outfit that's why I wore a statement, comfy sandals from Forever21. Luckily everything blended well together!

My inspiration:

Well, here it is. The set of ladies that inspired my all white outfit! :) Before, I didn't know an all white outfit would definitely look classy and effortless until I saw their outfits on Instagram. Definitely, my PEG for today's outfit entry is very much of Georgina Wilson's even though mine looked a lot like Ate Patricia Prieto's! hahahahaha ♥

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