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Hey guys! AAAAHHH I'M SO HAPPY! :) (All together.. let's dance Pharell's HAPPY song. lol) 
Oh my god I feel so happy to finally blog an outfit post again! How's everyone's summer doing? Well ours here in the Philippines is a total torture :( The temperature has gone up at 30 degrees Celsius (or even higher sometimes) both at day time and night time and I tell you, I've been suffering so many puyat (lack of sleep) nights because of the heat! It's totally unbearable :(

Moving on to my colorful outfit. This is one of those 3 outfit posts that I owe you guys by the way. :) I wore this out to a children's party that I attended--a day before our graduation--last April 7.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Scored from a Garage Sale
Sandals: SM Department Store

I just love this dress so much most especially the girly and colorful prints on it and of course the "surprise" at the back. It's very perfect for summer! One thing I hate about it though is that it feels too fit on me. >:( (sigh) I should really pay attention to my body now that it begs for a workout comeback. Someone please motivate me please. :(

My inspiration:


My title for this post is something I exclaim every now and then because of the summer heat. lol. WHEW! Okay. So instead of  complaining too much with the heat and everything, why not let me share my "Feel good" song with you guys? Whenever I hear this song, it instantly brightens up my mood! I dunno why! hahahaha! But it certainly does. Maybe it's because of the catchy lyrics and country beat that makes me wanna roll my windows down and cruise. lol! Go ahead and play it! :)

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