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Hi guys! I'm back to update my blog again! :) Sorry if it's been a while since my last update. There was just too many happenings lately that I had to pause from blogging. I owe you a lot of "late blog posts" namely: 3 outfit posts and a Photodiary of how my Holy Week went and I can not wait to show you guys everything that I've been doing these past few days of my April. Now that Summer has officially started, my first "come back" post for today is of course related with SUMMER. :)

I've been  dying to give myself a vacation ever since I finished off my Practicum because I really wanted to escape every bit of stress that I've felt and encountered. But given that we (the graduates) were still required to follow a specific schedule in relation with the distribution of Togas and release of list of Graduates and attend a series of Graduation/Sampaguita Interlude Practices etc. I had to wait for the perfect timing before I can finally jump start my summer.
Fortunately, the Housekeeping folks (Room Attendants and the Supervisor) of the establishment that I had my OJT at, invited me over to their group outing. They were already nagging me to join them just a few days before my Practicum finally ended and I'm glad I said "Yes."A few days before the scheduled outing I begun to form doubts in joining over because I was too broke and I had "what ifs" in my mind. But I told myself "You need a Vacation. Give yourself a reward. You might regret it after seeing their pictures on Facebook enjoying the beach and everything while you're stuck at home doing nothing." One of the Room Attendants the I got attached with promised me that he will pay for my expenses for the said outing (as a gift, a graduation gift). After a long series of "pilitan" I said yes to his!
I didn't expect that asking permission to my mom to join this trip would come as a bigger challenge! She would only allow me to leave if only I bring my boyfriend along with me. That's a bigger problem! Because I was really broke and One thousand Pesos was the estimated budget per person. Literally, I cried over at Viber! lol! I was really begging! I wasn't really expecting any graduation gift from my mom unless she would ask me what I want. A vacation would definitely be my answer. So she said she'll pay for my boyfriend and so the argument was closed.
On the actual day of the Trip which was scheduled at night, I attended my brother's graduation first by day time and then traveled to Pangasinan with the HK Folks at night time. It was a swift 6 hr. bus ride and I tell you we were all zombie like when we arrived at Dagupan, Pangasinan at 2am in the morning. We had to wait for an hour for the boat to arrive because we arrived earlier than expected, so we munched over some pan de sal and putos while waiting for the boat. We had to ride a boat bound to the island where we'll be staying over for a night.
So this picture was literally the scene on our way to the island. Riding a boat at 2am in the morning scared me to death because you'll never know what lies in the deep! (I am not a fan of crocodiles and I don't wish to see one!)

We were bound to the island in which one of our companion got an Ancestral house there. After we all hadcoffee, Most of us preferred to catch up some sleep even for just a few hours. When I woke up, I took the chance to stroll the place. It was a very quiet neighborhood actually. The island was located in between the ocean and the lake which is pretty cool.

After having a very scrumptious and hearty breakfast and finally changing off into our own  swimming suits. We headed back to the Pier to ride a van bound for Alaminos, which is a 2 hour ride from Dagupan.

Upon arriving in Alaminos we had to rent over 2 boats a large (which costs 1,800php) and a small one (1,200php) to accommodate all 18 of us. YES we are a pack of 18! Some of our companions brought along their family and relatives to join over our trip. We weren't just able to take a complete photo of the gang but believe me there were 18 persons in this trip.

Meet Sir Edel the Room Attendant who gave me the opportunity to join the trip as a gift! He was actually my father-like friend whom I got attached to (in a father-daughter way) during my Hotel Practicum. He was among those good friends that I had during my OJT.
I am forever thankful to you sir! :) ♥ 

Definitely eating some Halo-Halo to help us cool down from the scorching heat!

We headed over to this island which gives you the opportunity to see the view of the entire hundred islands. It was beautiful and breath taking. I thank god I'm born and I live here in the Philippines. Each islands has its own name, like for example as far as I can remember the island where we finally swam was at Marcos Island. There was this cave in this island where you get to dive at around 8-10 feet above the diving spot. Believe me, I actually dived and conquered my fear! It was coooooool! I dived twice. The first one was I had a life vest and the second one was the coolest because I got to jump off without a life vest. I had a major heart attack when I realized that I wasn't able to save the video that I took when my boyfriend and I had our own turns to jump in that amazeballs cave diving spot. :( But here are the pictures I grabbed from Google to give you an idea of what that diving spot looked like. It was scary but totally AH-MAY-ZING!

*photos grabbed from Google Images 
 credits to the real owner/s of these photos.

Swimming and enjoying the beach drained all our energy. It was sad to say that we were no longer able to explore some of the remaining 90+ islands. :( There were islands that has sari-sari stores in it but the food they sell were twice expensive compared to ones selling in the land. So we decided to quit over the swimming and take a very quick bath and have lunch together. We ended the day by dropping off to the Wet Market when we arrived at Dagupan and brought Pasalubongs and Fresh Goods, You know how Filipinos love to shop when products are really cheap. :)

I don't regret the sunburn I got after this whole trip. I was too overjoyed to finally feel the real Summer Vibe here in the Philippines! I wish I could travel more and explore all the amazing places here in the Philippines most especially the World Class tourist spots we got here! I am and will always be thankful for these people who made the whole trip memorable and fun and amazing.

By next month, my friends and I are already cooking over another Summer Trip which is in an island somewhere in the Quezon Province. Hopefully, We'll be able to push through it because I'm really craving for another Summer Adventure. ♥

Thanks for sticking till the end of this very long Travel Post! ♥ :)

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