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It's time of the year again! The much awaited First Flair of the The Bloggers United (Summer Fair) for this year happened yesterday, May 10, 2014 at the Metrotent in Ortigas City. Bloggers United is now at its 8th installment partenered with Sunsilk to bring out the best summer bloggers united experience for you and your entire barkada! :) There were so many fun activities, promos and freebies in store for all the attendees yesterday which made attending to this year's Summer Bloggers United much exciting! I'm so glad I got to grab 3 of my lovely friends with me to this much anticipated Summer event!

Our outfit for the event. Will be writing a separate post for my outfit! :)

For those of you who are still clueless about what Bloggers United is all about:

Bloggers United is an annual interactive shopping event held twice a year (first flair is at Summer and the second flair is at December.) wherein Local bloggers get to interact with their readers by selling their pre-loved and new stuffs (clothes, bags, accessories shoes or even gadgets sometimes!) at discounted prices!

Verniece Enciso of

AAAAHHHH!! I'm so happy I finally saw Verniece in person! She got a twin guys and she was my crush among the twins. I wasn't able to see her and her twin last Bloggers United 6 and that really broke my heart. I really waited for them this time because I wanted to see them so badly!

Vern Enciso of

Yes, Verniece's older Twin, Vern. :) Actually even though I may not be crushing on her, she was really nice and prettier in person! :) Grabe! Girls Insecurities alert! hahaha! They arrived at around late noon and you could see everyone digging through their stuffs after they finished preparing everything! MAD CROWD IT WAS!

Dani Barretto of Style is Eternal 

Honestly speaking, Dani looks lovelier every time I see her at the Bloggers United. She looks fresh with her chosen outfit yesterday. I went over to her booth to look over what she was selling and I saw pieces from her DB Collection. Gotta love everything from her collection most especially the shorts though!

Mikyle Quizon of Style Division

Dani Barretto's Boyfriend here btw! When I asked him out for a picture, he complimented me by saying "I love your shirt!" and I felt so kilig! hahahaha! Who doesn't feel kilig anyway when a dashing guy like Kyle, compliments you?

Alyssa Lapid of

I always feel happy to meet Ate Alyssa! Maybe because I'm a reader that's why. I always find it interesting to read her blog posts because I really love the way she writes it! It's like reading a chapter of a novel wherein you find interesting terms you've never heard off. She's awesome just like that. (I know!) And lastly, I felt sad that I wasn't able to take a picture of her outfit yesterday because she looked lovely in Black!

Lissa Kahayon of Scene Stealer

After I asked for a picture, I told Ate Lissa "Ate I really love your body!" and she just laughed at me feeling quite embarrased. Do check out her IG account, her work out routines and clean eating habits are MAD! No wonder she's got Drop dead Gorgeous bod and a fresh face. Maybe I should start working out na rin so I'll start to look fresh. (choss)

Robbie Becroft of Robbie Off Duty

(squealing!) Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god!!! Sorry guys! I just couldn't/can't contain myself for the last 2 bloggers that I've got for this post. Meet Robbie, my fiance.(chos) There's just something about guys who dresses up fashionably in a very handsome way. (insert in love emoji here) Robbie was definitely effortless! He's tall, he's super nice, he's such a cutie and there's a way when he smiles and looks at you, you suddenly forget how to breath! HAHAHAHAHA! omg :(

I have to make a confession: I actually wanted to video him through instagram asking him "Do you have a girlfriend?" and waits for his answer and then I'll say "Can I volunteer?" and see how he reacts! (I'm crazy just like that sometimes.)

David Guison of DG Manila
 I would want to borrow a term used of what I've read from one of Dani Barretto's caption of a picture taken with David: "Choco Macho." He was indeed! Even though he was wearing something that really conceals his structured bod, You can still tell that he's a hot guy. (whaaaaat!) David made me all this kilig when I requested for a 4 shot selfie with him. My god!! We're so close! (insert in love emoji here.. again) Whenever I look at our pictures I still feel so kilig. :''> IBA TOH SI DG! My golly! 

He isn't trying so hard to look good with his outfits because he's really perfect with everything he wears! For short Malakas ang dating.  I've asked him several times already for a picture but he's still very nice. ♥ I just really had to control myself from dragging him to the Photo booth with me! LOL! Maybe next Bloggers United, I'll do that. :''> I feel very happy to finally meet him and Robbie! They're both very nice gentlemen! ♥

To sum things up:

The team behind #Bu7xSunsilk did a great job! The venue was much perfect than the one last year. It's well ventilated and I'm glad they invited Food Concessionaires so attendees won't have a hard time looking for places to eat out. I really enjoyed their photo booth and of course the Jamba Juice Truck! Hope they have them again next BU. I can't sigh out too much on everything they've got on BU7. I just really had fun! They've offered so much this year and I hope next bloggers united would be a much fun experience the same as the Summer Fair. :)

Of course I'd like to thank these 3 lovely ladies who came with me to the Bloggers United 7 Yesterday! I always have fun with you gals around and as always: I'll see you again at the next Bloggers United! :)

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  1. <3 so happy to read all the lovely things you said! I hope you enjoyed the last BU! See you again soon <3 - Alyssa

    1. You're welcome ate Alyssa! I'll always be your reader! :) I feel happy to meet you twice!

    2. <3 <3 <3 'til the next :)