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Here's the 3rd outfit to catch up on my 3 late outfit posts. I had to admit, I missed wearing something in Maroon! This may not be too obvious but I do love Maroon! :) I don't really consider it as a favorite color but I just love its shade. Maroon also reminded me so much of Highschool because it was actually the main color that represents my former school. Ahhh gotta miss highschool days ♥ But anyway, nostalgia aside, I wore this whole outfit out when I attended my brother's graduation day. To make the whole outfit appropriate for the venue and the ceremony, I had to wear a pencil skirt to make it look Semi-formal.

Outfit Details:

Crop Top: Revolution 9 (Glorietta)
Pencil Skirt: Thrifted
Studded Sandals: Forever21

With the scorching, Manila heat in mind, I knew a white and comfy crop top is a perfect go-to piece for this outfit. While Crop Tops are still on trend, I'm thinking of purchasing more in different style and colors. But what perfect colors to buy? hmmm...

My inspiration:

OMG!! This just feels so random: while working on this blog post I suddenly stumbled upon this photo of Emma's on Facebook and thought that this would be a perfect outfit inspiration. AAAAHHHH gotta love Emma Watson so much! 

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