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I must admit wearing colorful pieces isn't really my thing. And if I tend to wear a colorful or a loud printed one, I often opt to a much safer color or print. My mom always reminded me that I should ALWAYS consider colors that would go well with my skin tone. That's why I tend to be really picky when I wear or buy one. But for some reason, I wanted to wear something colorful for the Bloggers United. Maybe because it's a Summer? I guess wearing something colorful every once in a while won't hurt! ;)

Outfit Details

Printed Top: Revolution 9 (Glorietta Branch)
Mustard Skirt: @ootdbyajshop (IG)
Sunnies:  LandMark Dept. Store

Just by looking at my ice cream printed shirt I begun craving for so many random foods: pizza, oreo ice cream, blueberry parfait etc. Anyway, just a quick update of what's happening in my life right now, I'm currently on my 2nd week of training as a Reservation Sales Agent (weeeh!) and it's always challenge to come home everyday and think about what youy're going to wear the next day! :( But I like it, I love this challenge. hehe. I will be blogging an outfit I wore off to training one of these lovely days! :)

I just realized that I've been wearing colorful outfits to Bloggers United. Should I or should I not continue wearing colorful pieces to BU? My target outfit for the next Bloggers United on December would be a terno. A colorful and printed terno. :)

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