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Whenever I go out, I tend to always think of BLACK or WHITE as my go to colors or better yet wear a colorful outfit still with a hint of black. I never considered it as my favorite color before but now I do. Aside from the fact that black is a versatile color it's a pure symbol of class and boldness. (nakks) I don't know if it's just me but I do feel comfortable wearing black in spite of how hot it is here in Manila. I feel like I look even more human when I wear black! lol! Hmm.. the days are going by so fast, My birth day is almost approaching! OH NOOOO. :(

Outfit Details

Kimono: Trendsetter's Bazaar (@fashioninfinity_rhona)
Crop Top: World Trade Bazaar
Shorts: LandMark
Sneakers: Vans (@scrtsrvc)

Decided to wear this whole outfit out when I hanged out with my former OJT mate a few days back. It was a one insane commute adventure for me! We met up in Taft and both decided to just chill and hang out in Robinson's Magnolia! Can you imagine how far we both traveled just to hang out? HAHAHAHAHA! MAD! Good enough I was wearing something really comfy on that day. Wore out my Kimono for this outfit to at least softly highlight my black outfit. I bought this on the Trendsetter's Bazaar at Fashion Infinity's Booth and I also rocked out my new Vans pair to complete the outfit. What do you guys think? :)

My inspiration

My favorite song at the moment! Been playing this for like more than 12x on repeat! Crazy righhhht? xD

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  1. gorgeous blog :)

    1. Thank You! Your blog looks great as well! Thanks for dropping by! :)