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This may be slightly surprising or new in everyone's eyes because I don't normally get to do this but here I am finally scoring a print on print outfit for the very first time! YAAAYYY! I have always been a fan of this trend ever since I saw it for the first time on Magazines, Fashion Bloggers and on Instagram. I don't know why but I just really love it. Most people would often see it as "Baduy" but for me I consider it as Fashionable. I know you guys know that I'm still on the safer side of dressing up, but  believe me I'm now on the process of injecting my creative juices on my OOTDS and let's get started with this one!

Outfit Details

Crop top: @projectkooture (IG)
Skirt: LandMark
Sneakers: Vans (@scrtsrvc) 

When I had my photo shoot for this outfit, the wind was blowing like crazy! I did every thing I can to play with the wind while taking outfit photos but to no avail...

My face is not cooperating at all. :( Okay. Maybe, I'll have to try again next time! :p

My inspiration:

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