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Like any Blogger or ordinary person, I also have this common attitude of uploading my #ootd on Instagram first before actually blogging about it. It is, in my opinion, the safest way to give everyone an idea of what they will be watching out next on the blog. Wore this outfit out by the way, a week ago on that one Thursday when I felt like dressing up like Taylor Swift.

The Forever "Yuppies pose"
 My office mates and I had been pulling off this "Yuppy" pose the entire time when we're all still together. 
Gotta Miss these yuppies! :(

Outfit Details

Top: Thrifted
Highwaist shorts: Revolution9
Bag: A Gift from my mom
Sneakers: Taylor Swift RED keds 

My apologies for the sudden blog hiatus. I've been thru something that really held me back from blogging. Though this may not be an appropriate platform to tell everyone what it is, I might as well just take the risk and explain myself: I recently suffered from Depression. I lost my job before I actually decided to quit which is hurtful. It sucks when you knew all along you've been doing your part in your job and the company didn't think it was enough. Or Maybe I, myself wasn't enough or fit for the job. I'm a fresh graduate that's why it took me a darn week to finally get over what happened. Most of the time when I think about it or whenever I imagine my office mates' sad faces, I would just end up crying and regretting I didn't do more of my best.

What made me finally get over this depression is my love for Food, paying too much attention on social media (most especially on we♥it) and Crushing over the Cutie ANSEL ELGORT! I totally found my comfort in Food most especially in S&R's Food service! hehe. I've been eating my heart out ever since it happened and of course let's not forget to give credits to my yuppies friends full of awesome sauce who gave all the comforting advice/s and presence that I really needed. To my boyfriend as well who never got tired of being my shoulder to cry on whenever the slightest memory of it comes to my head again. 

This may sound incredibly cliche, but it is of my darkest days that I've realized too many things: 

1. I'm way beyond blessed to have met such great and amazing people in my life. 
2. Every person that comes into our life has a purpose either a Blessing or a Lesson.
3. We just really have to deal with the fact that life doesn't always go our way.
3. And that all we've lost will one day find its way back to us.
4. Not all the pain we feel is meant to be blamed to the world.
5. Jogging is always helpful.

*This may have been an effect of paying too much attention on my Twitter TL. :p

My inspiration:

Of course there is always a reason to feel inspired after overcoming my depression! I thought a Taylor Swift song would seem fit as today's outfit inspiration! :) Definitely one of my fave songs from Taylor Swift and... did I mention that I am still dwelling as to whether or not I shall cut my bangs same like hers?

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