6:28 AM

Hey everyone! I'm back! I do apologize if I haven't been blogging for quite some time. The fact that I've been really busy at work and my schedule is up against me (Graveyard shift), I barely had time to take outfit photos and blog. Today was actually my rest day and it's the perfect time to blog an outfit post for a comeback.

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Gap
Shorts: LandMark
Cap: Borrowed from my brother
 Chain Necklace: Trendsetter's Bazaar

Haven't been into experimenting with "motifs" lately. With a skate board present in the picture it would have been more believable that I am indeed trying to portray a skater girl version of myself. 

Just to give everyone an idea of how I'm doing these past few days:

My first day on our on-the-job training happened last Saturday and that's the time I realized that my job isn't easy. Boasting aside, I'm a Reservations Sales Agent working at the Reservations Office of the Intercontinental Hotels Group, a company that manages/handles hotels worldwide like Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and of course the Intercontinental Hotel. Our schedule is a Graveyard shift and I really had a hard time adjusting to the schedule up until now. Most of the time instead of eating, I would often opt on satisfying my craving for a good sleep. That's how my life works everyday, I'm awake and working at night and struggling to sleep at day. (sigh)

My inspiration:

This is a perfect representation of how I felt about not being able to blog: It felt like YEARS. (lol) I'm not really into this whole beats/party type of songs but there's this really good friend of mine at work who convinced and made me like these songs for some strange reason that I'm still trying to decipher. Anyway, No wonder many party people loves ALESSO. Gotta love his craft for this song. ENJOY!

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