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Last July 23, I just turned 22! (YEYYYY). Let's take a break from the outfit posts that I'm been consistently publishing here in my blog. I wanted to do something different this time. Allow me to share the lessons / sudden realizations / crazy thoughts / quotes made by me, that I've always been keeping inside my head.

1. Always be Thankful.  Regardless of what you've been going through never forget to thank the Lord for everything.

2. Never chase after people. People Come and Go. If they want to stay in your life they shouldn't have left in the first place.

3. Taking selfies aren't always necessary. Unless...

4. Always be careful of what you post online. EYES EVERYWHERE.

5. Think before you proceed. Decisions aren't made overnight, it also takes time to come up with a decent one.

6. S&R Pizza is my comfort food. Forever Cheese & Garlic Shrimp flavored pizza. FOREVER.

7. It's only a bad day, not a bad life.

8. I have always hated strangers before. But now I'm always ending up befriending them.

9. Jamba Juice's Berry Topper Parfait / Banana Berry Smoothie are my FOREVER Favorite

10. Filling your Twitter account with shameless rants about your life or dissing someone doesn't make you cool. Just so you know.

11. It is ALWAYS important to save up money. Now that's a realization! LOL.

12. "Let them leave. If they came back, welcome them with open arms. But don't expect things will be the same again."

13. "We hurt ourselves out of curiosity."

14. "The LEAST you expect, the MORE destiny will find ways to make it happen." Proven and Tested, bae.

15. It won't hurt to be a little crazy and wild sometimes.

16. "Know your limit and never exceed it."

17. There's always a Taylor Swift song that will truly understand how you feel.

18. If you can't say it, might as well just sing it--out loud. That makes everything feel better. :)

19. I, for instance, need to seek my own "The Great" Perhaps. The thing I kept on telling myself after I finished reading "Looking for Alaska." At my age (22) I need to work my butt off and save up money.

20. I am way beyond thankful for having such great people in my life.

21. "Books are sometimes more reliable than People." 

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