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Outfit Details

Cropped Top: Scored at the World Trade Bazaar
Blazer: Bloggers United 7 Bazaar
Pants: Fashion Market
Heels: Parisian
Sunnies: Bloggers United 6 Bazaar

Let's talk about Dress codes.

In every place that we go and in every event that we attend to, there will ALWAYS be an appropriate dress code: At schools, churches, concerts, Balls, family gathering and most especially at the office. I remember when I still work for IHG, thinking about what to wear at work has always been a challenge (slash problem) of mine. Because of the weather and everything I had to think of something that will keep my cool while I head off  to the office and up until the day ends. I always follow dress codes because I hate receiving violations. Hahaha!  This was actually one of the outfits I wore off to work before minus the heels because honestly I hate wearing heels, unless it's actually required or necessary or if I'm actually in the mood to wear one. I never had a chance to take a picture of my #ootds at work that's why I never posted anything about it. 
I wore the outfit today and paired it with heels, so I can blog about it and at the same time to see for myself if the outfit would turn out the same gorgeous way I imagined it to be and luckily it did.

My inspiration

Emma Watson 

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