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I don't know what has gotten into me but I've been really into lazy dressing these past few days.  Most of the time, I am so not in the mood to think about what to mix and match that I always tend to pick up pieces that I find comfortable. And later did I know, lazy and comfy dressing is the new trend: NORMCORE. Finally! I found the right fashion term to describe my style aside from Whimsically casual.

Outfit Details

Kimono: @falsinatrends (IG)
LBD: Thrifted
Mandals: @sewnsandals (IG)

 Before I worked on with this blog post, I made a research about Normcore and here's what I came up with:

1. Normcore - derived from 2 words: Normal and Hardcore.
2. Normcore involves a lot of comfy pieces: boyfriend/ripped jeans, white tees, sneakers and a whole lot of birks!
3. Through my observation, normcore involves a lot of BLACK N WHITE.

In my opinion: If you're wearing Birkenstock sandals/slip ons, that doesn't automatically mean you're into Normcore already. As long as you're pulling off a lazy and comfy outfit in a Fashionable way without even trying to be effortless, I must say, That's Normcore.

Btw, I wore this whole lazy outfit out when I celebrated my 22nd birthday last July 23. I know, I got a year older...again. Is that good or bad? Good in a way that I'm STILL alive and  kickin' for another year and that there's a lot of things to accomplish along the way and I'm way beyond thankful for that. Bad in a way that I'm slightly freaking out with the "I'm getting older!" expression and that's another thing for other people to make fun of you like "OMG! You're so old!" and "Yikes! You're older than me!". LIKE WHAAAAAAT. =)))

My birthday celebration was much more intimate this time unlike last year. I cooked carbonara and some chicken lollies for my siblings before I left to have a birthday date with my awesome boyfriend. We watched "Step Up: All in." and had Jamba Juice and went to the bookstore so I can fantasize slash look over all these books that I cannot buy and will not bother buying unless it's on sale. (I'm a cheapskate just like that.) Then we headed over at my boyfriend's house and celebrated the remaining hours of my birthday there through a pizza treat (exclusive by me of course) for his adorable cousins and a whole lot of movie marathon. 

What completed and highlighted my birthday was the amount of overwhelming "Happy Birthday!" greets I received from my dearest friends, school mates and relatives through my Facebook wall and inbox, on Twitter and Instagram and some of them even bothered to hit me up on my personal number. I don't know but I just felt really happy! If you guys are reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for doing such an effort to greet me in any way that you can. I really appreciated that. I know I'm slightly over-reacting here, but I'm just really happy! Even up to this day, whenever I read everyone's greetings, I still cannot help but smile to myself and say "Oh god. Thank you!" You guys almost made me cry! Lol. I just really felt loved and appreciated. Well that's more than an enough reason to feel inspired! ;)

P.S.: Thank you lord for everything. You are amazing! ❤️

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