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I just realized that I'm currently obsessing over with the Normcore trend. I've been browsing over at Instagram with the hashtags of "#Normcore" and "#newtonormcore" and I'm really fascinated how people are so creative in pulling off their very own Normcore looks inspite of how basic and minimal it is. I mean it's everywhere! It really is a big trend at the moment. What I love the most a
bout it is that it represents who I am and what my style is all about: Basic, Comfort and Minimal. 

Wearing:  Top and origami skorts: @stilesclothing (Ig), Hat: Forever21, Mandals: @sewnsandals (Ig)

Another thing though that I'm currently obsessing over at Instagram is looking over at the photos with the VSCO and VSCOCAM hashtags. Darn, I am such a sucker for photography. I AM A FRUSTRATED PHOTOGRAPHER GUYS. Just so you know, I've been following and stalking (hihi) a lot of accounts on Instagram with a very lovely feed. (I love adoring other people's work in Photography. Don't I sound to creepy? No?) Right now, I am on the process of improving my own feed. :) I deleted a massive amount of pictures last night and I'm willing to give my feed a fresh start. Oh! BTW, I've been giving VSCO a try and I edited my pictures there for this outfit post to at least enhance the simplicity of the photos.

P.S.: Can you actually believe it's the start of BER months already by tomorrow? I cannot believe how time flies by so fast! I must say, I've experienced a whole lot of fun but crazy roller coaster ride in my life for the past few months and I cannot wait what God has in store for me for the BER months to come. I'm thankful for all those memories and experiences though. :)

My Inspiration

What more than to feel inspired with a good music? Been playing this song a couple of times while working over for this outfit post and I cannot help but dance to the beat. I listened to MKTO's album a while ago and darn, this duo just stole my heart men.

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  1. love this combo.. i'm not that into birks but i do love a black and white minimal combo. so perfect/.

    xo, Carla

    1. Thanks Carla! I love black and white minimal looks too! Glad you liked it! :)