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Wearing: Cropped top: scored from a bazaar, Flannel: H&M, Pants: SM Women, Sneakers: Vans

Miss me? :p LOL! Sorry if I've been on my first major blog hiatus for this year. I just felt so uninspired with my life right now and that definitely held me back from blogging. Anyway, I'm wearing another set of black outfit for this post because I'm mourning over the death of my motivation. (Sad truth slash No kidding) I don't know why! but honestly, after my graduation which was last April, I had no chance to think about what I really like to pursue for a living. :( It's not that I'm having a hard time finding a job, but wouldn't it be better if I would actually find or work for something that I'd be happy to do and get paid for? Maybe I just really need time to think about it. I think a vacation at the beach or a nice catch up with some good friends/best friends or a trip to an amusement park would definitely help to calm my mind...somehow.

BTW! I know this may sound crazy but honestly I'm planning to write up a love story in Wattpad! I've got so much brainstorming to do if ever I push thru with that plan of mine. I'll be updating you guys soon! xx

My inspiration

Who that? Who that? I-G-G-Y. Who that? Who that? I-G-G-Y. That's definitely my favorite part in this song! I've been obsessing lately with Iggy Azalea and her songs and this one I got here is my absolute favorite! I just feel like it goes really well with my outfit and it really helped to brighten up my mood. :)

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