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Ever since I started blogging last year, The clarity of my photos has always been my biggest struggle. With a lack of a better camera to capture my outfits, I had to depend so much on lighting and editing the photos to improve them and make them look at least clear or visible. This was actually one of the factors why sometimes I felt like giving up on blogging already. But then I would always hold back and say "You shouldn't have started this if you're just going to give up in the end." This was something I've always wanted to do: To blog and share a piece of inspiration to everyone.

I remember when I attended a seminar about blogging at my former university two months ago, one of the speakers, Marcelo Santos III, who succeeded on Microblogging here in Manila, happen to feel the same thing that I sometimes feel: Giving up. Then he said like "Imagine, if I would have given up 2 years ago, I wouldn't be in my position right now. Whatever you're doing, do not give up. You're gonna have to go through a lot before you reap the rewards."

Success don't always happen overnight, it takes time. Hopefully, for this blog that I made, The Forever Will Be, you guys will give it time to improve for the better in the future. :)

OH! And before I forget to say something about the outfit I got here; It was one of my entry on the ootd contest that I mentioned on my previous blog post. I have always wanted to wear something in Pastel colors most especially in Pastel Blue. I just love how relaxing it is in the eye. The pieces that I have put together here were definitely the comfiest among my entries, The polo that I was wearing was made from a light material and the fit of the mom jeans was perfect. Now I know which store to head over to when I grab these for Christmas.

Wearing: Hat: Forever21, Top, Mom Jeans and Boots: All from River Island.

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  1. Love this outfit, especially with the hat!!! Ang gandaaa <3 And I love your boots, too!