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Let's talk about LIFE over outfit posts.

As I spend most of my every day (slash unemployed) life watching movies, American series, reading blogs, stalking people on Instagram and so much more a bummer does every day, I realized several things: a.) It's about time I face reality. b.) It's about time I think about what I really want to do for a living. c.) It's about time I find a job that I would enjoy in a long run.

Let's be honest here: Sales isn't really my thing, I'm not good at cooking, I suck at telephone conversations and I don't see myself serving meals in other people's table. Because that's far from want I want to be and my LIFE to be. But whatever weaknesses I have, I tell you, I'm working on it on my own.
But here's what I really wanted to be: I want to be a writer and/or a photographer. A writer or a contributor writer for a local magazine or a website. That's what I really enjoy doing. But how will I become one if "the real world" demands someone with a years experience and a graduate of either Journalism or Mass communications? The heart breaking part is, I don't have those basic qualifications.

Believe me when I tell you, being a writer was something I never imagined myself to be when I grow up. Maybe it's just really in me that I loved writing paragraphs, poems, soliloquies that only I get to read. But I'm not selfish, I'm more than willing to share them for the rest of the world to see, for them to feel inspired and to learn something at least. And so Here I am, a Blogger, the first step of being a future writer (Yes, I'm giving myself a heads up at least) and I feel like my head is about to burst will all these ideas that I wanted to share with everyone.

I cannot control how the real world or life works and if I do, I would give everyone the opportunity to be what they want to be in spite of what course they had finished or taken. It's a matter of giving chances and taking risks and seeing beyond what the eye sees. We're all aging every day, it's also a matter of doing something that won't stop us from growing and learning.

Wearing: Top, Coat, Pants and Oxfords: All from River Island, Hat: Forever 21

My Inspiration

Emma Watson

Oh yeah, She has always been my Life and Fashion peg, like for life.
 She will always be Hermione Granger in my eyes. ♥

*photo grabbed from Google images

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