12:11 AM

Photos by my friend, Nathan Patulay

Weekends have always been my most favorite days of the week. Though my days have always felt like weekends, I still can't help but feel so much more relaxed when weekend approaches. A couple of Saturdays ago, I had a “test photo shoot” with my friend Nathan. We’ve been talking about it since October and luckily pushed through with it last November 8. Weekends are so much perfect to have a photo shoot (if you ask me) because the streets are less crowded. We tried if our idea for this outdoor photo shoot would work well together but then we encountered some unexpected changes. We had no choice but to proceed with it anyway, after our photo shoot we had coffee together and talked a lot about photography. I love how I get to share the same interest with photography as Nathan does. We’re planning another photo shoot and I just cannot wait for it if ever we push through according to plan. 

Wearing: Shirt: @happypillx (ig), Denim shirt (Tied around my waist) : Uniqlo, Arm candies: scored from different stores


My inspiration

Aside from Taylor Swift's 1989 Album, I've been currently obsessing over Anthem Lights's ESCAPE album and god, their songs are so catchy! This song is one of my absolute faves from the album. :)

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  1. This is a really chill casual outfit! I love it :) Hope you can visit my blog.