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Finally I got to blog my first outfit with my pixie cut! This was actually a long overdue outfit; I wore this out when I went to a bazaar with Joe last October. (And I had a blast shopping with her, as always.) I know everyone can notice that I’ve been wearing a lot of black and white these past few ootds that I’ve uploaded on Instagram and it’s because it somehow reflects my neutral mood in everything as well as my love for monochrome outfits. After all, Monochrome outfits are so trendy right now.

 Anyway, as you guys can notice Joe and I were in matching monochrome outfits and I tell you this wasn’t planned at all! I really love it when I hang out with someone then we end up wearing the same color of outfits or wearing the same piece of clothing and we both get surprised and be like “Oh my god! We’re matchy today!”and of course a photo with the matching outfits is ALWAYS necessary. 

By the way, just to give you guys an idea why I had to chop my hair this short; It is because I’ve been craving to reinvent myself. It was actually my goal this year to let my hair grow as long as Miley Cyrus’s locks in the “Party in the U.S.A” video, but then again my mission failed. Sometimes, like all of a sudden, I just stare at the mirror and look at myself if I still look great. When I feel like I look boring and stressed, I give myself a haircut, just for a change. To be honest, I don’t really like to stick in just one haircut and get people thinking like “She would probably look like sheez when she chops her hair.” It’s always nice to see yourself try different hair styles once in a while, because in my opinion, you will no longer get to do this when you get old and your hair starts to go white. I chose the pixie hair cut because I just wanted to see for myself if it would look great on me. My long hair was starting to get split ends and it’s quite a work to maintain its natural beauty. Just an observation, when you have a long hair, sometimes people would end up noticing your hair first and not your face. That’s why I decided to chop my hair this short, so it would highlight my face. And so far, my friends find it chic on me and it somehow gives me this slight boost of self-confidence, which helps a lot. 

Wearing: Cropped Top: Revolution 9, Pants: Fashion Market, Sunnies: Scored from Bloggers United 6 bazaar, Mandals: Sewn Sandals

I've been listening to this song since last night and for hours on repeat! I must say Taylor Swift is getting impressive in every album she releases. I wouldn't want to miss listening to her whole T.S. 1989 album!

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  1. This outfit looks great. :)
    I've been listening to Taylor Swift too. That song has been on repeat for me. I think the album sounds great. :)
    Hope you can visit my blog. Let me know what you think about it. hihi


    1. Hey sammie! Thank you! I'm glad you liked the outfit! :) Taylor Swift's album is a pure obsession tbh! Btw, I checked your blog and it looks so cute and colorful! :)