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Hello guys! I'd like to greet you all a suuuuper belated Happy Halloween! Though I had some wicked Halloween costume ideas in mind, I feel sad that another year has yet to pass and still I haven't attended any Halloween-costume party or even went out to trick or treat. I’ll try again by next year!
Forgive me if I've been "missing in action" lately here on my blog, I just had to give blogging a break because I've been feeling so uninspired. :( I feel really uncomfortable when I force things just to blog; it’s better to blog when you feel positive and happy and of course, inspired. You guys agree? :D

Anyway, I'm back with a blog post that made me feel so excited and inspired as well. I had my very first blog collaboration with an AWESOME friend of mine, Jocille "JOE" Gamil last week and we had a B&W "fierce x awesome collaboration" photo shoot (that's what I call it hahaha) and here's the result from that fun photo shoot. More photos below!! :)

Hair, Make-up and Photography by Joe

By looking all through these photos you can tell that I am trying to channel my inner Kylie Jenner (lol), Given this very rare opportunity to be photographed by a talented person like my friend, Joe, I knew I had to make the most out of the experience. Every frustrated model, like me, wishes to be a part of a photo shoot especially if the concept that I've always been visualizing before, came into reality. I have always wanted to be photographed in Black and White; I have always wanted it to be fierce. There’s just something romantic and sexy about being photographed in black and white. It’s like highlighting someone’s natural features, its natural beauty.

And so when I heard that Joe was into photography and she was willing to do some blogger-photographer kind of collaboration, I felt really excited and at the same time, I knew she was the perfect person whom I can entrust my dream B&W photo shoot. I love how she gave me the freedom to choose how near or far the shots would be, how my hair and make-up should look like and what kind of effect I would want to see in my photos. 

I must say that our collaboration turned out really well because there were actually 71 photos that she shot and I really had a hard time choosing which ones to post because they all look too magnificent!

I knew I had to write this portion in this blog post so you guys will be able to see the real picture behind the black and white effect. Now that I had a pixie hair cut (yes I did.), I wanted my hair to be on sleek back because in spite of my look being fierce, I want it to look chic as well.  Joe tried her best to achieve a sleek back using a hair spray but my hair won’t cooperate, so we really had to put some hair pins at the back just so it would look clean in front. 

My eye shadow for this look was a smoky effect. Smoky eye effect had always looked "Fierce" in my eyes that's why I opted for this type of make-up. I did the base (white, gray and black eye shadow) and everything but it was really Joe who cleaned up all the mess that I did, she put a bit of glittery brown eye shadow and blended all the colors pretty well with a brush. I actually loved the effect of what she did, it was way better than what I did beforehand. I left everything up to Joe because I can't mess up with someone who knows what she's doing! :D

For those of you who might be interested to my friend's photography or make-up service, you may reach Joe on the following social media platforms.:

FACEBOOK: JoeAwe Someness 
INSTAGRAM: @iamjoeawesomeness

Joe is a self-taught photographer and make-up artist and I just couldn’t help but feel amazed with her talent that even though she’s self-taught with these two fields, the results are quite similar with a professional one. I’m not even kidding. After all, when I praised her after what she did with my hair and make-up, her response was “I didn’t call myself awesome for no reason.” Yeah, But seriously she's awesome, way beyond awesome.

This is the song that was playing in my head while doing the shoot so I know I had to include it here. :)

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