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I'm really sorry if it took me quite a while to blog about my experience for this amazing event. I’ve been really busy with all the Christmas shopping that I needed to do and some preparations for the holiday vacation my siblings and I will have in our hometown in Pampanga. Unfortunately, our computer’s CPU malfunctioned as well, a few days before Christmas and so I really had no choice but to wait for it to get fixed.

Anyway, I just can't believe it's been weeks already since Bloggers United 8 happened! How time flies by so fast! But before I go all out here in my intro, Let me proceed with my experience for this year’s Bloggers United 8 in partnership with OLX.

My clique's "outfit of the day". I took the peg from Sunnies Studios's cool group shot and I told my girls we'll do our version of the photo and here it is! I realized we should be do our signature group shot every single time we attend Bloggers United! I would definitely find another peg for that one!  

Blogger United is an interactive shopping event wherein Manila’s top fashion and beauty bloggers get to sell their pre-loved and brand new clothes, accessories and stuffs to their readers and get to meet them as well. Bloggers United happens twice a year: 1st flair happens around summer and 2nd flair every December. It’s already at its 8th installment and honestly I can’t wait for the 9th! Talk about being too excited!

Free cotton candies from Miss Joana Ladrido and Dominique Tiu's booth! You get a free cotton candy / popcorn once you purchase anything from their booth. I'm so glad my best friend and I raided their booth before it got crowded. Cotton Candies makes me really happy!

I have a new girl crush, it's ate Bea Benedicto. She was actually the reason why I gave pixie cut a try! I just really love they way she styles her outfit, it really goes well with her hair cut and her pretty face and she's really nice! I even told her "Anganda mo ate Bea! Nakaka inis!" and she was like "Thank you mga bebe, hindi naman!" and she was smiling widely! GANDANG BABAE! :(

My friends and I were actually waiting for the Enciso twins (Vern and Verniece) to arrive at the venue and it so happen that my best friend and I found them at the comfort room! We were both really shy to ask for a picture with them because it's just really awkward. But then we braved out our shyness and ended up asking for a picture! They were so cute! They even said "Thank you!" sweetly on chorus after we took the pictures together! 

But of course another favorite blogger of mine, Ate Alyssa Lapid. I don't know why I see her way of writing as fascinating, but I just really love reading them! Aside from the way she writes her blog posts, I love how she's not afraid of wearing a specific piece or a favorite piece of hers (and admitting it anyway) over and over again. I mean, Fashion recycling isn't really a sin but some fashion bloggers (in my opinion) prefer not to do it. 

Me with Kelly Medina, He was the one who handed me my Parisian GCs and he was really funny and accomodating! I love how he said something about being different and standing out like, "I'd like to let people know that being plus size doesn't hinder an individual not to be fashionable." Can I get an AMEN?

Hi David! (insert a wide eyed, blushing emoji here) Okay let me just vent it out right here, ANGWAPO MO DAVID! LIKE OMG!! Okay, I'm alright now. :) But seriously though, when my best friend and I just entered the venue and the path ways were just really crowded, someone got his back on us and suddenly just faced everyone and we realized it was David Guison pala! He made me and my best friend swoon and smile like idiots! ANGWAPO EH!! He looked more handsome in BLACK, my goodness. (puts hand on the chest)

I finally got to ask the question that I've been dying to ask ate Lissa Kahayon: "When's a better timing to go for a run? before or after breakfast?" and she said it's better to eat a snack like cereals or banana before heading out for a run. Because if you run without eating anything, you will end up really hungry and eating a whole lot more. I just really had to ask that question because she's the only blogger I know who blogs about Fitness. Thank you lord for a blogger like ate Lissa!

Oh mah god another girl crush alert! Camie Juan right here beside me, such a pretty lady! I remember I told her something (which I forgot loooool) and she was just talking and I was just standing in front of her, staring at her pretty face! HAHAHAHAHAHA! but at the end I was able to tell her "God, I could just stare at you all day." Don't I sound too creepy?? But honestly though I was complementing her and she was just smiling. She was really nice though, as in really nice and friendly and really pretty. My friends and I even asked for a picture with her using a monopod!

"Hi ate Pat! I'm Stephy!" I said the moment I saw her "Oh!! My favorite blog comment-er." Ate Patricia Prieto said while giving me a hug. Oh my god she still remembers me! :( I was really touched! I don't know why but every single time I see her most especially online, she's getting prettier! lalo na in person! and ang thin niya (whyyyy is life so unfair) and I even told her on Instagram that I just had to leave early because I can't take her beauty any longer. HAHAHA! I'm serious. :( I actually forgot to ask her the questions I memorized but maybe I'll just ask it next BU. 

To sum things up:

- The event's location was much more accessible for me this time because it's just a few minutes away from where we live. I love how the location was well ventilated and has a wide park space area where attendees can actually take their barkada shots easily or their own ootd. There were just too many attendees that the venue became really crowded / congested. The booths were kinda close to each other compared last flair there were enough spaces for everyone to walk through. 

- The BU team gave everyone instructions on how to commute to the venue through their social media accounts which was a big help to everyone including me because it was my first time to go to the venue. 

- A few days before the event the BU team had been giving out sneak peeks of what to expect at the event. They also gave out free passes and giveaways to the attendees which made attending to this year's flair much more exciting! I actually got a thousand worth of Parisian GCs and 3 passes which I won from 2 of their contests on Instagram. (Their giveaways are so easy to join.)

- On the venue, they gave out tote bags for the first 2000 attendees which was amazing and really cool because we no longer have to bring along our own bag for our shopping hauls. There were lots of photo booths, they gave out free ice creams and there were food concessionaires outside the venue (the choices are limited though) I feel sad that there was no Jamba Juice truck this time. :(

- As usual, My friends and I had a blast! We had fun interacting with our favorite bloggers as well as shopping together! We always have a blast attending Bloggers United! As usual, my wish would always go like: Bigger and better and more surprises and giveaways for the next bloggers united event! 

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