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People may not know this but honestly I’m into poetry. I love reading poems. Most especially if it gives you all “the feels” when you’re not really going through something. When I stumble upon great poems I’m always like “Aaaahh this is so beautiful. I wish I could have written it.” Though I’ve been writing poems as well when I feel sad or whatsoever, it’s normally just for my own reading pleasure only. I just don’t really have the guts yet to expose my poems to everyone because I’m afraid of their reactions: “What’s with the drama?”, “Are you going through something?”, “Oh my god! Are you secretly in love with someone?” “Are you broken hearted?” Like Spare me. Reading Lang Leav’s poems have been one of the things that I really love doing aside from reading different Fashion Blogs. Her poems give you that instant “feels”. It’s really amazing how her poems speak for her readers and not for herself. That’s why I admire her and her works so much that she inspired me more to write poems. 

To jump start my December, I attended this most awaited book signing: Lang Leav's book signing that happened last Saturday, December 6 at Shangri-La Plaza. I missed a lot of book signing already and with Lang's, I knew I can't miss this one.


The registration for the book signing started at 10am. I arrived at exactly 10 am and my jaw dropped when I saw the line for the registration, it was already long! I panicked deep inside that I may not be able to make it to the limited number of slots for the book signing (There were 500 slots available) because the amount of people in line was really insane. “It’s Lang Leav. What do you expect?” I told myself when I reached the end of the line. I brought my boyfriend, Louis, with me so he could take snap shots of my interaction with Lang and at the same time to keep me company while I wait for my book to be signed.

 It was a sigh of relief that the line was actually moving fast. I was number 270, of course I let out a sigh of relief that I still got a slot but what almost tore me apart was when one of the registration committee told me that I can’t have my book signed because I purchased mine on Fully Booked. I started freaking out! I was completely clueless that I have to buy a book from either National Bookstore or Power Books. I really didn’t know any specific rule like that until the lady from the registration told me. She offered me to just buy another copy so she could give me my slot and I had no choice but to say “Of course.”

There were books sold at the venue and I was aiming to buy the first book which is “Love & Misadventure” because I already have the “Lullabies”. When I was about to pay, the cashier told me that Lang would only sign the “Lullabies” and not “Love and Misadventure.” Great. Just Great. So again, I had no choice but to buy another copy of “Lullabies” so I can have my stub from the registration and proceed with the book signing. I can’t let any of these to ruin my day because it hasn’t even started yet. 

Being the sweetest, Louis offered that he’ll buy the extra copy instead so it won’t go to waste and will give it as a Christmas present to one of his cousins.That feels quite better knowing that my budget for Bloggers United 8 had been cut off for a couple of bucks just to get another copy. Goodness Gracious.

The program started with Lang offering a prayer for the victims of Typhoon Ruby hitting the Philippines. Her book signing in Cebu was actually cancelled for her and everyone’s safety –it was supposedly her first destination. The program proceeded with a quick interview and she was asked what her advice is for her readers as well as for aspiring poets present in the audience on that day. “Find your voice. Once you do it’s easier.  It’s like falling in love, you know it’s within you.” Is the part that I really memorized because I love how she answered that question.  

Then there came the most awaited event: The book signing. We were called by numbers, 20 persons per batch. My excitement started to surface again and I kept thinking about the questions I’ll be asking her as well as the things that I would tell her. After 1 and a half hour of waiting, it was finally my turn to sit beside Lang. Okay I kept my composure but then it was a really quick interaction so I knew I needed to tell her what I wanted to say: “Hi Lang! Thank you for visiting the Philippines, you inspire me so much and I’m just really overwhelmed to finally meet you! I made a poem for you and I hope you’ll get to read it before you leave.” I smiled like I ate candies for breakfast and she was like “Hi! Aaaawww that was really sweet! Thank you! I will, I’ll read your poem.” She was smiling so widely and she hugged me! GOODNESS I CAN’T! She hugged me! She was really nice and sweet and you will see in her aura that she's a really down-to-earth person. My happiness is summarized in these collaged pictures I have above. It was definitely a blissful and memorable moment. The very first book signing that I attended in my life turned out really well and it’s Lang Leav’s. I just really love her, she’s totes amazing.

To end this post, I'd like to share to all of you guys the poem I wrote for Lang Leav as my way of saying thank you to her. I also included another poem / prose (that I made for a girl who had feelings for a very complicated guy) along with the poem that I made for Lang, just so she would see how inspired I am to write poems.

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