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When a frustrated Photographer and a frustrated Model collaborates together, I must say the results are indeed surprisingly awesome. My friend, Nathan and I had finally pushed through with our 2nd photo shoot that we’ve been planning together. (Which I mentioned on my previous post) This time we made sure everything will go perfectly as planned and fortunately, it did! When I participate in shoots, I always wanted it to be really different from the first ones that I did. Nathan and I talked about the things that we both wanted to achieve for the shoot and I gave him an idea of how I wanted it to look like and same goes for him. We were exchanging ideas and pegs which made the shoot more exciting and fun!

 This isn’t a SNEAK PEEK of the shoot guys; this is the actual photos from the shoot. I just had to put #SNEAKPEEK as a title because I think it went pretty well with our theme.:)

Photography by Nathan Patulay

The shoot happened on the day of my best friend’s birthday which was last November 29. My best friend, and another good friend of mine and I were actually on the middle of a conversation about her birthday celebration when Nathan messaged me on Facebook if we could shoot on the same day. I had to decline his offer and move the shoot date instead by next week because of the birthday celebration I am attending on that day. But then the celebration was cancelled last minute (which made me sad.) for some valid reason which I understood.  So, I immediately messaged Nathan back and told him we’ll be proceeding with the photo shoot on Saturday instead of next week and he said YES! I couldn’t help but feel happy and excited again!  

The night before the shoot, I researched some “pegs” which I normally do when I do a photo shoot and practiced some basic make-up. HAHAHA! Yes, I’m taking it quite seriously! You don’t normally do shoots on a daily routine so why not make the most out of it and look great right? and because I wanted everything to be really simple but still fierce, I preferred to put a light make-up and a simple tube dress on. 
Honestly, I love working with talented people most especially if it's a friend of mine like Nathan. He made sure I was comfortable striking different poses from one shot to another and all the photos turned out really well! I just really had to choose wisely because my facial expression don't work well with some of the shots! looool. But to sum it all up, it was a great shoot!

Wearing: Dress: LandMark (borrowed from my sister), Mandals: @sewnsandals (ig)

My inspiration

Lady Gaga

*photo grabbed from Google Images

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